Top 10 Robotics Companies in the UK


What do the robotics companies do?

Robots protect normal workers performing from dangerous tasks. Robots can work in hazardous conditions, such as poor lighting, tight spaces, and lifting heavy loads, and so on. Robotics companies make money by creating highly complex robotics and selling them to other companies. People use these robots every day for industrial uses, consumer uses, and other purposes. There are lots of private Robotic Companies operating in the UK.

Top 10 Robotics Companies in the UK

1. RU Robots

RU Robots

Address: RU Robots Ltd, PO Box 248, Manchester, M28 1WF, UK.

Contact: 020 3239 3898


RU Robots Ltd is the UK’s foremost Advanced Robotics and Cognitive Science Company, providing advanced robotic systems designed to work effectively with people and for people. RU Robotics provides a wide range of products and services relating to advanced robotics, flexible automation, human-robot operator interaction (HRI), and operator performance. These include Studies, Assessments, Prototype development, Engineering development, Robot system upgrades, and system development.

2. CKF Systems

CKF Systems

Address: CKF Systems Ltd, the Pavilions, Olympus Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4NF.

Contact: +44 (0)1452 728753


CKF was one of the well-established UK Robotics and Automation suppliers that has been operating for over 30 years. Their experience founded in the food industry has been successfully transferred across a wide range of industries and now they are a recognized system providers across the various industry sectors. They have a wealth of experience, as an automation systems integrator, transforming the operations in the manufacturing and logistics industries by increasing throughput, reducing cost, improving safety, and maximizing space.

3. UK Robotics

UK Robotics

Address: UK Robotics Ltd, White horse sawmill, 267 Bolton Road, Bolton, BL5 3EH, UK.

Contact: +44 (0) 1394 825 876


UK Robotics has a strong history of providing high-quality and robust automation solutions for the life science and manufacturing industries. They focus on quality and efficiency and the bottom line will look after itself. They offer Robot simulation, Software development and solutions, complete turnkey robotics and automation solutions, troubleshooting, and support of existing automation systems.

4. Shadow Robots

Shadow Robots

Address: Unit 31 Spectrum House, 32-34 Gordon House Road, NW5 1LP

Contact: +44 20 7700 2487

They build next-generation robot hands and systems with the advanced skills to help solve challenging problems and to provide a meaningful purpose. They introduced the new Tactile Telerobot- the world’s first haptic telerobot hand, designed for advanced teleoperation and telepresence. It is designed to make dangerous, difficult, and distant jobs easier and safer with 0% task to workers. This robot requires little training to use making it a game-changer for industry and research.

5.  Phoenix Control System Ltd

Phoenix Control System Ltd

Address: 7D Park square, Milton park Milton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RR.

Contact: +44 (0)1235 823120


Phoenix was established in the year 2005 to deliver high technology expert systems. Phoenix Control Systems is one of the top Robotic Automation Companies and Industrial Automation Systems. They carry out turnkey solutions for industrial control systems and Robotic Automation in highly regulated sectors. They are helping companies with automation both here in the UK and abroad.

6. CNC Robotics

CNC Robotics

Address: CNC Robots Ltd, 3B Olympic Way, Sefton Business Park, Liverpool L30 1RD.

Contact: 0151 523 8009


CNC Robotics was started in the year 2008. CNC Robotics is pioneering the use of industrial robots as an alternative to traditional machine tools, in order to prove the productivity of manufacturing organizations cost-effectively. They solve challenges and also develop new processes as part of their strategic solutions for their clients. They are a KUKA Platinum system partner.

7. ICS Robotics

ICS Robotics

Address: Manor House Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 0AE

Contact: 02380 772711

ICS Robotics was established in the year 1989 and now they are part of the AWL Group with over 600 employees worldwide. ICS Robotics and Automation have been delivering robotic welding and handling solutions for more than 30 years and they combine the latest technologies in robotics and vision to give you a that competitive edge. They can help you to maximize the uptime and performance levels of your equipment.

8. Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company

Address: Small Robot Company, the Courtyard, Dean Hill Park, West Dean, SP5 1EZ, United Kingdom.


The small Robot company’s mission is to help farmers feed the world while regenerating the planet. Their sustainable farming robots Tom, Dick, and Harry will deliver per plant farming for the world’s biggest food crops. Their small robots will monitor and treat crops autonomously. This company integrates Root wave’s weed zapping technology to make autonomous non-chemical wedding a reality.

9. Robots of London

Robots of London

Address: Robots of London, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Hobbs Cross Road, Theydon Garnon, Essex, CM16 7NY.

Contact: +44 203 934 9663, +44 1992 815 819

Robots of London is one of the best sources for Robot Sales and Robot Hire in the UK and throughout Europe. The only official reseller of pepper business edition In the UK and also licensed software partner and they are only official reseller of Temi Robot in the UK and they are a supplier of Digital Humans. With over 2,500 clients in over 50 countries, Robots of London can able to supply the very latest technology to rent and as well as to buy. The latest development from Robots of London; Super chatbot, Screen Controller, and AI puppet Hire.

10. Ross Robotics

Ross Robotics

Address: Tavistock Industrial Estate, Ruscombe Business Park, Ruscombe Lane, RG10 9NJ, UK.

Contact: +44 118 334 2361


Ross Robots company design, manufacture, and supply flexible, robust, and cost-effective modular ground based robots for a safer world. Their platform has been tested and used in harsh environments like the LHC (Large Harden Collider) at CERN, Geneva where strong magnetic fields and transient radiation levels make conditions extremely hostile. Their parented Ross Universal Connector and open software platform give rich functional, mechanical, power, data, and logical interfaces so you can easily swap parts.


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