10 Ways to Cure Crypto Betting Addiction

10 Ways to Cure Crypto Betting Addiction

Crypto betting is steadily increasing in popularity today, and you’ll find many casinos like this at cryptobetting.org. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as Bitcoin betting addiction steadily rises.

Bitcoin betting addiction is a disorder where individuals can’t control their impulses to bet on a crypto game. This compulsive betting habit usually comes with destructive tendencies, causing you to lose money, strain your relationships, impact your mental health, etc.

With easy access to crypto betting sites today, everyone is in danger of developing this addiction. So, this article will provide a way out for you: 10 cures to the dopamine rush that comes with Bitcoin betting addictions.

10 Ways to Cure Your Crypto Betting Addiction

Many people might consider Bitcoin betting addiction more dangerous than a regular online gambling addiction. That’s because crypto betting can have relatively high stakes, allowing you to bet thousands of dollars without scruples.

It’s because of its increased destructiveness that we’re providing many ways to cure this addiction below:

1. Avoid Boredom

Avoid Boredom

As funny as it might sound, most people got addicted to Bitcoin betting because they were bored. If you’re in this situation, you can get started on the path to ridding yourself of your addiction by keeping busy.

Plan your day and ensure that you have no dull moments. The second your brain feels bored, you’ll turn to your old excitement source—Bitcoin betting.

2. Consider a Lifestyle Change

Does your lifestyle fuel your crypto betting addiction? Many people work at internet cafes, and since they can access computers and a high-speed internet connection, betting begins.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where your lifestyle pushes you towards a destructive addiction, it’s essential to acknowledge the gravity of the problem. To get out of this, you just need to change your lifestyle. That means you can look for a different job or change factors that make online betting easily accessible.

3. Accept Losses

Accept Losses

There’s no airtight staking strategy today. Everyone can lose money while betting; no betting strategy can change that. If you can accept this, you’ve already started quitting your addiction.

Some people can’t take losses, so they are prepared to spend heavily to reverse their bad luck. So, if you’re someone like this, you should learn to accept losses better, as even the best punters sometimes lose.

4. Avoid Triggers

Most addictions operate similarly to crypto betting addiction in that something can set it off. So, you could be on a path to healing, and seeing a familiar face inviting you to a game would ruin it. You could be watching videos on YouTube, and a gambling ad will have you craving one game.

All these factors are triggers that sabotage the path to healing for most Bitcoin-wagering addicts. However, triggers come in different forms and differ for everyone. So, identify your trigger and make plans to avoid it.

5. Find a Hobby

Find a Hobby

Crypto betting can be quite a destructive addiction for many individuals. Finding another hobby is the best course of action in such a situation.

Try all those things that you want to do, like sports, painting, yoga, volunteering at the community centre, etc. If you’ve got old hobbies, you can also rekindle them. As you immerse yourself better in your new hobbies, they’ll begin overriding the dopamine pathways created by Bitcoin betting.

6. Talk to Someone About It

Have you tried to talk to someone about your crypto-betting addiction? Many people are scared of being condemned by the public that they’d rather die in silence.

However, the presence of your spiritual leader, loved ones, and friends could help your recovery. Find someone you can confide in and know will keep your secret safe. This will provide a little healing to your heart and also allow you to receive external help.

7. Seek a Betting Support Group

Just like the alcohol anonymous meetings, there are also Gamblers Anonymous meetings in many countries. These meetings are support groups made up of like-minded people who have come together to help themselves.

A simple online search will show you the various betting anonymous meetings happening around you. Find their meeting time, join them, and share in the healing comedies. Not all gambler anonymous meetings are offline these days; some occur online, and you can join them.

8. Discover the Root of Your Addiction

Medical experts would always advise people to treat the source of their illness and not its symptoms. This can also be applied here, as you could find succour in treating the source of your addiction.

So, what was it that pushed you into a Bitcoin betting addiction? Was it a traumatic memory or sheer boredom? Was it a desire for some excitement in your life or some deeper objective?

Discover this situation that pushed you into developing this addiction. When you have an idea of what this is, you can finally be able to break free of your crypto-betting addiction.

9. Therapy

If you’re done with self-help, seek the aid of professionals. Crypto betting addiction isn’t strange today, so there are many therapists out there who are experts at this. Book a session with such therapists, and let them work their magic.

10. Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Programs

If all else fails, you could try an inpatient rehab program. These programs combine most of the factors that we’ve talked about above for better effect.

When you join such programs, you’ll have to leave your home and even change your lifestyle to stress-free for a while. This period could be as little as 30 days or as long as an entire year.

You would be in the care of professionals and have your days planned out to promote healing during this time. When you’re done, you’ll be a new person, and your Bitcoin addiction will be a thing of the past or under control.


The path to recovery from a crypto betting addiction won’t be easy. It will be a tough battle, with your brain’s cravings getting in the way, but it will be worth it in the end. Even when you relapse, don’t stop struggling for a chance at recovery; you’ll surely beat the addiction someday.


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