Easy Ways to Optimize Your Internet Connection

Easy Ways to Optimize Your Internet Connection

Many of the tasks that we do on an everyday basis usually require an internet connection that is fast enough to cater to our needs. Even our everyday communication with other people relies on the internet; for instance, if you need to call or message someone, you would definitely head to WhatsApp to do that and for that, you would need a fast internet connection for flawless calls. For that matter, you should look into Ziply Fiber so that you could choose the best Internet Service Provider (or ISP for short) for yourself.

However, if you do have an existing internet service and you want it to perform better than it already is right now, you would have to optimize it. In order to optimize your internet, you would have to follow a couple of steps until you see a positive change yourself.

Easy Ways to Optimize Your Internet Connection

Consider Changing the Position of Your Router

Even though it sounds like something very simple that might not do much for your internet connection, it actually does a lot and the only way to find out would be to practically do it. You just have to make sure that your router is as close to you as possible so that your devices can possibly catch all the internet signals that they can.

Consider Changing the Position of Your RouterThe more distant your router is going to be from you, the weaker your signals are going to be. One of the best ways to fix this would be to place your router in an area that is more central to your house; this way the signals could be easily accessed in any direction in your house. Similarly, you should also make sure your router isn’t surrounded by too many walls that could obstruct your signals.

When you place your router in the centre, the devices that you use the most such as your Android phones, tablets, or even your laptop, could receive the maximum strength of signals and your internet would work as brilliantly as possible.

Go for the Wire

Who says that your internet connection always has to be a wireless one? If you want better internet performance, you should definitely opt for a wired connection over a wireless one. This is where the good old LAN cable would kick in that you use to directly connect your devices to your router.

Go for the WireWhen you use a wireless connection, the devices tend to “catch” signals, and in the process, some of the signals that are dissipated become affected by walls and pieces of furniture. However, when you use a LAN cable for your connection, none of the signals are lost and you have an uninterrupted connection to the internet.

This way you can connect your PC, gaming consoles, or gaming laptops to your router and make the best out of your internet connection. You would see a very drastic change if you shifted from going wireless to using a wired connection instead. The only way to find out would be to put it to the test and shift to a wired connection from a wireless one.

Time to Change the Frequency Band of Your Internet

This is probably something you didn’t know that you could do but you can actually change the frequency of signals that your router gives out. The two bands that you can choose between are the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both of them have their own functionality and you need to see which of the two suits you more. If the range is what you are looking for since you live in a larger space, then you should definitely opt for the 2.4GHz band which compromises a bit on the speed, but it gives you a greater distance coverage for the internet signals.

Time to Change the Frequency Band of Your InternetHowever, the 5GHz band works differently than the 2.4GHz one; it gives you a greater internet speed as compared to 2.4GHz. It makes sure that your signal strength is stronger, but the drawback is that it gives you a smaller area of coverage, meaning it is better for confined spaces or lesser areas. If you are relatively near your router and you tend to stay in that area for the most part of your time, then you should definitely opt for the 5GHz band. Your internet speed will increase drastically and it is something you will notice yourself too.

If you are looking for greater internet range, then the 2.4GHz band is definitely the one to go for but if you need greater signal strength and more internet speed, then you should opt for the 5GHz band instead. You can find these options in your router settings and you can change the band on your own.

Wrapping Up

These are some effective ways in which you can optimize your internet connection and make it perform a lot better. Be sure to put all of these steps to the test and see whether your internet performs better or not!


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