What is the need for the white-label taxi solution?

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What is the need for the white-label taxi solution to step foot in the taxi booking service venture?

Building a taxi booking app from scratch requires more money and time. If you choose this way to develop an app for your venture, your competitors buy their mobile app and roll it out quickly. It is a known fact that custom solutions are complex and lengthy processes, whereas the white-label solution is quite the opposite of that. Now, the choice is between the customized solution and the white-label solution. This article is all about the white-label solution and its benefits.

Top 5 reasons to prefer the white-label solution 

A white-label is a fully supported product/service solution. It is created by one company and sold to another company once rebranded. In short, it can be redesigned and customized according to the business brandings. A list of a few of the reasons for adopting a white-label solution is mentioned below.

  • Completely integrated and ready-made product
  • Reasonable price (requires less financial resources than creating an app from scratch)
  • Customized with brand name, logo, and identity
  • Less time-consuming
  • Works with advanced technology like IoT

Benefits of the white-label taxi solution

 With a stupendous increase in the number of smartphone users, people prefer online taxi booking services instead of the traditional method. Before you invest in the white-label solution for developing an app for taxi booking service, let’s know its benefits. Here they are.

Increased visibility

As already mentioned, people are looking for an alternative to the traditional taxi booking method. In such a case, the white-label solution is the best choice for mobile app development. This increases the visibility among internet users.

Higher ROI

Taxi business service might incur a huge loss because of the high commission to be paid. But, the white-label taxi booking software will reduce the commissions considerably.

Launch instantly

It is the main advantage of using the white clone taxi solution as it can be launched right away. There is a huge difference between the traditional way and using the clone solution. Because, the traditional way of app development comprises planning, designing, development, testing, & deployment and so it takes months to launch. In this scenario, the white-label solution is useful for entrepreneurs who wish to start their taxi booking venture straight away.

Low investment

The traditional approach of developing an app requires major capital investment. On the other hand, you have to approach a mobile development company and get white-label taxi software. However, it is fully customizable depending on your requirements. This seems to be the greatest plus for using this solution.

Post-launch support

For startups with limited budgets prefer this solution. It comes with a one-year post-development support from the respective mobile development company. They provide support for technical issues. So, it is considered to be the most affordable and convenient way for app development to enter the market then and there.

need of white label taxi solution

Three major elements of a white-label taxi software

 Usually, a white-label taxi software consists of three elements: the Passenger app, Driver app, and Admin panel. The insights about these elements are given below.

Passenger app

  • A white-label passenger solution provides sufficient functionality for facilitating passengers with convenience.
  • Passengers/riders have to install the app on their smartphone and register with the app using valid credentials. Upon registration completion, they can specify the pick-up and drop locations. Before confirming a request, they can see an estimated fare.
  • The app notifies the passengers regarding the taxi search and the request confirmation. As soon as a nearby driver accepts the request, passengers can see the driver’s anime, vehicle number, contact, and so on. They can start tracking the driver’s real-time location.
  • To begin a ride, they have to share the OTP with the driver for validating the taxi booking. They have an option to choose any available payment methods and make the payment. At last, they can share their feedback in the app.

Driver App

  • A white-label driver app will let the drivers to register and upload necessary documents. Once the passenger requests the ride, the driver will get the request.
  • Upon request confirmation, the driver has to reach the pick-up location. The GPS functionality in the app shows the best-optimized route to reach the passenger’s location.
  • As soon as the ride gets complete, the fare details will be displayed on both the driver’s and passenger’s app.
  • In the end, drivers can provide ratings if they wish. After that, the app will display the total earnings of the drivers.

Amin Panel

  • It is the main controller of the white-label taxi booking software as admins can manage all the operations in real-time.
  • They can even monitor the driver’s activities, resolve customer queries, and much more. This panel displays reports and analytics data associated with bookings and earnings.

 Must-have Features in a white-label taxi solution

 As discussed before, white-label taxi booking software is usually available in packages comprising three elements. Here are some of the necessary features that have to be included.

Google map integration

It is the most reliable one to provide the best experience for customers and drivers. Google Map covers almost everything like navigation, lane level guidance, route overviews, voice support, and real-time traffic updates.

Booking history

This feature is available in the passenger app. It will allow them to view the past trips. Also, it shows their feedback. It is applicable for users who register with the app.

Payment gateways

It is a good choice if the app supports multiple payment methods. Users feel convenient in choosing any payment method as they wish. Most importantly, including popular and secure payment gateways will boost user’s trust in the white-label taxi booking software.

Digital wallet

In addition to credit/debit card payment options, this solution provides its own digital wallet. Before using this for making a payment, users have to perform one-time user authentication.


An SOS feature is important from the passenger’s and driver’s perspective. This feature will allow them to send a message to an emergency number with a single tap.

What is the need for the white-label taxi solution to step foot in the taxi booking service venture

Revenue generation model

A white-label taxi solution must support the following revenue generation methods. However, some other common monetization strategies can be followed to make more profit in the taxi booking service venture.


The taxi booking service business owner can deduct some percentage of the amount from drivers whenever they accept a ride and the passenger makes a payment for it. Despite this, they can charge the cancellation fee from passengers.

Surge pricing

This is a dynamic pricing model. The cost for the ride will increase based on demand, i.e., during peak hours. The ride cost will also be high during rainy days as the demand for taxis is more.

Closure thoughts

As we have gone through the benefits, features, and revenue generation models of the white-label taxi solution, you will get clear insights about this solution. It is your turn to make the correct decision at the right time now. Don’t wait and start developing your app using this solution and stay ahead of the competition in the taxi booking service industry.


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