Exterior Painting in Cold Weather

Exterior Painting in Cold Weather

You can only paint your house when it is hot outside – this is a common quote, unfortunately very misleading. Cold weather serve conditions that are good enough to get an early jump on the new house colour. Painting in cooler months is possible, you just need to use proper materials and follow some expert tips.

Exterior painting in cold weather

Hire professionals

Hire professionalsIf you perceive painting as a challenge, hiring an experienced team would be a reasonable solution. Painting might look simple, but if you add unfavorable weather conditions, things can get not as smooth as you expect. Therefore, look for certified painting and decorating contractors in London that would deal with the job perfectly.

When is it too cold for painting?

As far as the exterior painting is concerned, it is said that cold weather is defined as a temperature that falls under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Painters may have some difficulties during the job, because most oil-based paints become thicker at lower temperatures. As a result, the paint might not be applied smoothly and evenly, leaving visible marks. On the other hand, there are some water-based paints (including latex) that freeze in cold weather.

What is more, both types of paints cure differently in lower temperatures. The chemicals require proper temperature in order to bond together, otherwise the paint may blush, peel or just result in poor coverage.

Can I use paint that was previously frozen?

Can I use paint that was previously frozenThe answer to this question is not unequivocal. Some water-based paints can be used after freeze cycle, however it is not always possible. These types of paints are not much resistant to cold, and they usually freeze at -32 degrees Fahrenheit. If you mix it together and the consistency remains lumpy, the paint is not usable. Next time try to choose from water-based paints, as they are more resistant to freezing.

Surface temperature

This is another essential factor that need to be taken into consideration while painting. You may hire the most experienced painting and decorating contractors in London, but if it is really cold outside, specialists may postpone the job. There is a slight difference between the temperature of air and surface. Sometimes while applying the paint its structure become different, causing real problems with covering the surface. It is safer to buy a paint that is designed for curing at lower temperatures.

Tips for professional painting in cold weather

If you hire painting and decorating contractors in London for your painting project, you are guaranteed to leave the job in the right hands.

Tips for professional painting in cold weatherOtherwise, if you plan to paint the house by yourself, follow those tips:

  • purchase high-quality paint – and note the minimum recommended curing temperature,
  • use the right tools (including nylon or polyester brushes),
  • choose the days when outside temperatures are higher.

You can attempt exterior painting in the middle of winter, but be aware that it is not as easy as during the summer. Nevertheless, it is totally possible to get a fresh look of your exterior right before the spring comes in.


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