Top Housewarming Presents for Friends and Family

Top Housewarming Presents for Friends and Family

When a friend or family member is moving into a new home, an excellent way to help them celebrate the next stage of their lives is by giving them a housewarming gift. There are many gifts you can consider giving, depending on the preferences and needs of the recipients and your budget. You can get them something practical or decorative or create something personalised to mark the occasion. If you want to buy someone a housewarming gift and are not sure what to get, below you can see some ideas of different suitable gifts you can consider that can help you get started.

Top Housewarming Presents for Friends and Family

A Beautiful Bunch Of Flowers

A Beautiful Bunch Of FlowersA traditional gift many people give to their friends and family moving into new homes is a floral bouquet. When you use an expert florist like, they have a wide and varied selection of flowers you can consider giving as a housewarming gift, such as:

  • Orchids
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Daisies

The gift of flowers is an excellent way to show the people in your life how much you care about them, and they can use the flowers to decorate their new home and brighten the space. If you have a tight budget, choose seasonal flowers, which can help make them more affordable.

Potted Plants

One drawback to giving flowers is that they will wither, die, and be thrown away. An alternative to this is giving the gift of an entire plant instead of just its flowers; plants and flowers are an excellent way to decorate a new home.

You can get them a suitable plant for their home in a decorative plant pot that will be a permanent reminder of your thoughtfulness. Ensure you get something that suits the décor, environment, and taste of the recipients and is not too complicated to look after. A potted plant is a fantastic gift that can last for many years and brighten up and can be a green delight to your home every time it comes into bloom.

A Robot Vacuum

Another excellent gift for people moving into a new home is giving them a robot vacuum cleaner to help them keep it clean. Buying a high-quality one can be expensive, so this is a gift you would give a close friend or family member, but options are available to suit most budgets.

A Robot VacuumThese machines can be programmed to start cleaning at suitable times and navigate their way around the home, avoiding obstacles and cleaning as it goes. The recipients can have it clean the house while they are at work so they can come home to a nice, clean home. However, be careful with pets as they can sometimes be frightened by robot vacuum cleaners, so if the intended recipients have pets, speak to them first before buying.

A Bottle Of Fizz

Another hugely popular housewarming gift is a bottle of fizz or other alcoholic drinks. Whether your friends or family prefer a sparkling, white, rose, or red wine, plenty of options are available, and it can help them celebrate moving into their new home. You can also get them something stronger if they like it, such as brandy, gin, or vodka, and help ensure their liquor cabinet is stocked up and ready for the housewarming party.

Personalised Home Décor

Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite like personalised decor, and giving something personalised is an excellent gift for new homeowners. Consider gifting a custom-made sign with their family name or a meaningful quote, or you can get a photograph printed and framed, which they can display in their home.

Personalised cushions, throws, or wall art can add a unique touch to their living spaces, and these are also affordable gift ideas which will not break the bank. These items enhance the home’s aesthetic and reflect the thought and effort you put into selecting them, making them an excellent gift idea for their new home.

Smart LED Lightbulbs

Smart LED lightbulbs are another excellent gift that you can consider giving to new homeowners, and they are a useful and versatile gift that can also reduce energy consumption. As they are LED bulbs, they use less power and last longer than traditional ones, so you will not need to change them as frequently.

Smart LED LightbulbsWhen you connect them to a computer, smart speaker, or phone, you can control the lights, adjust the brightness and colour, or turn them on or off. By giving these as a gift, you can help automate the recipient’s house, reduce their power usage, and help them turn their house into a loving home.

Essential Oil Diffuser

We all love our homes to smell nice, and while keeping them clean helps, having an essential oil diffuser is an excellent way to make a home smell gorgeous. You can use many different essential oils that smell fantastic and can make a home more pleasant, such as:

  • Bergamot
  • Asian Rosewood
  • Lemon
  • Cardamom
  • Frankincense
  • Lavendar
  • Vanilla

You can purchase an essential oil diffuser as a gift and buy a selection of essential oils that new homeowners can try. They can combine the different oils until they find their preferred option, which can help their home smell fantastic. Essential oils and diffusers are readily available online and in shops, and there are options to suit most budgets and highly decorative diffusers you can buy.

A Personalised Doormat

The front door is the first thing most people see when approaching your home, and having a welcoming doormat can be an excellent way to make the home more inviting. You can purchase a doormat for the homeowners and have it personalised for them in whatever way you think is best. You can have pictures added to the doormat or writing, including names, and it can be a fantastic gift to celebrate your friends or family and their new family home.

A Personalised DoormatThe above ideas are a few that you can consider when you want to give a gift to people you love when they move into a new home, but there are plenty more options you can consider. You can click here for lots more ideas and help ensure you decide on the perfect gift the homeowners will love.


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