Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Top 10 UK Attorneys

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life and can lead to severe injuries or even death. The roads are not the safest place to be riding a motorcycle and you must fully know this before you take the wheel.

In the UK, motorcycling accident has increased by over 10% in the last couple of years, according to the Department for Transport. One of the main reasons for this increase is that people are more aware that they need to wear helmets.

To avoid such accidents, it is important to find the best motorcycle accident lawyers in the UK who have the experience and expertise in handling such cases. This blog presents the top 10 lawyers in the UK for motorcycle accident cases.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

1. Easthams Solicitors Limited

Easthams Solicitors Limited

Easthams Solicitors Limited is the leading motorbike accident lawyer in the United Kingdom. The firm has assisted over 4000 clients in the last 10 years with their injury claims – we’ve stayed ahead of our competitors by staying up to date with changes in legislation and defining best practices, ensuring that each case is handled with care and attention to detail.

Contact us today if you’re looking for an experienced lawyer who can help you as soon as possible following a serious motorcycle accident.

2. FBC Manby Bowdler LLP

FBC Manby Bowdler LLP

A highly regarded London law firm, FBC Manby Bowdler LLP has a reputation as one of the most successful and reputable firms in the UK. It is well-regarded for providing specialist motoring law counsel to its clients across England, Scotland and Wales.

It is known for its wide variety of professional interests, drawing on many specialist disciplines that are focused on safety issues involved with motor vehicle use.

3. Thompson’s Solicitors

Thompson's solicitors

Thompson’s solicitors have been handling motorcycle accidents since we opened our doors over 40 years ago.

When you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, it’s difficult to know where to turn. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is who will handle your claim on your behalf. With so many lawyers on offer, it’s hard to know which ones are the best options for you and your case.

4. Simpson Millar LLP

Simpson Millar LLP

Simpson Millar LLP is a leading UK law firm with a global presence, incorporating over 1800 employees from over 30 countries. Their team has a wealth of experience advising on complex disputes and high-profile cases.

Their focus is on litigation, employment, and professional negligence. They are committed to delivering the best possible service while providing the highest standards in ethical and commercial practice.

5. Bond Turner Limited

Bond Turner Limited

Bond Turner was formed in 1974 and over the last four decades, the team has been involved in some of the most high-profile cases of recent times. In particular, they have been instructed in many large-scale and complex personal injury claims and have secured some excellent settlements for their clients.

6. Stewarts Law LLP

Stewarts Law LLP

The UK’s no. 1 Motorbike Accident Lawyer with years of experience in serving the needs of injured riders. Are you a motorbike rider? If so, then it is likely that you will be involved in an accident during your riding career.

Whether you hit a car while on the road or collide with a pedestrian while waiting at traffic lights, accidents can happen and they can do some serious damage. That’s why you need top-quality advice from experts who know what they are doing.

7. Aubrey Isaacson Solicitors LLP

Aubrey Isaacson Solicitors LLP

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and require an expert accident lawyer, one of the best places to start is with the law firm Aubrey Isaacson Solicitors’ LLP. The company has proven time and time again that it can handle anything from personal injury claims to motor vehicle collisions and more efficiently than anyone else in the country.

With some offices actually located right near motorway rest areas, most accident lawyers might be slightly closer to home for you than others, but this shouldn’t put a damper on finding a good firm.

8. Robert James Law Limited

Robert James Law Limited

These are just the top 10 motorcycle accident lawyers in the UK. You might be looking for someone who specializes in slip and falls or sports accidents, or maybe somebody with a focus on personal injury law that could let you sue somebody else’s negligent driver as well as your faultless one!

Well, this is where you can start: they are ranked according to an independent survey of legal professionals conducted by our staff.

9. Accident Solicitors Direct

Accident Solicitors Direct

The law firm Accident Solicitors Direct specializes in motorcycle accidents. The company has decades of knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies, lawyers, and motorcycle accident victims.

They’ll take the time to find out the details of your case so they can provide you with a free consultation and a free estimate of how much compensation you might be entitled to. Accident Solicitors Direct have been dealing with motorcycle accident claims for over 30 years – throughout these years, they have had experience managing big or small claims from all forms of transport accidents.

10. Hodge Jones & Allen LLP

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP

They offer experienced and dedicated legal advice and are one of the leading motorcycle accident lawyers in London.

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP is a leading firm of experienced and qualified motorbike accident lawyers with offices in London, Leeds, and Birmingham. Their dedicated team can provide you with the best advice on your motorcycle accident claim; know your rights, know what to expect, talk you through your options.

They always take care of our clients and keep them informed at every stage – right up to the time when they are awarded damages for their injuries through a successful injury claim or settlement agreement.


In the UK, motorcycle accidents account for nearly 30% of all road traffic accidents in the UK. This is according to the official statistics released by the Department for Transport. Out of the thousands of people who were killed or injured in motorcycle accidents in the UK in 2017, 3,721 were severely injured.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you recover. It’s a scary thought to think of a motorbike accident lawyer. We hope that you’ll never need to use the services of one, but if you do, look at this list of the top 10 motorcycle accident lawyers in the UK. Motorbike accidents are extremely common, and if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in one, you should injury look into getting the best representation your injury can.


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