The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business


At Distribute Digital, we’re really passionate about digital marketing. We believe that every single business needs to adopt a digital marketing strategy in 2023 – it’s strictly non-negotiable! Moreover, small businesses are the ones that should focus on this the most. There’s no way to understate the sheer importance of digital marketing for your small business. It can have so many benefits, so let’s look at what a digital strategy can do for you.

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Small Business

Find your target audience

 importance of digital marketing for your small business - Find your target audienceTraditional marketing has its advantages, but a massive disadvantage is an inability to properly zero in on your target audience. This is where digital marketing is so effective. Thanks to a variety of online tools, you can get your marketing material seen by your specific audience demographic. It means that you have a greater chance of being seen by people that will be interested in what you sell, leading to a greater conversion rate.

Improve your marketing ROI

Blending into the point above, the ability to directly interact with your target audience will have an effect on your bottom line. Most notably, digital marketing can improve your marketing ROI quite significantly. Instead of spending money on ideas that might be viewed by your ideal audience, you can virtually guarantee that money is spent on things that will be seen by them.

This saves money, but digital marketing can also help you make more money. According to the different statistics, 80% of buyers bought something after seeing a social media ad and 84% of consumers bought something after watching a marketing video. Digital marketing clearly works, which can help your business waste less money and generate more sales.

Expand your reach

As a small business, you’re often doomed to fail because of where you’re located. Local traffic and interest are waning, so you can’t find any customers. Utilising a digital marketing strategy can dramatically expand your reach over the internet. You can have an SEO strategy that makes your business visible in search engines. This means people from all over the country can discover you!

Expand your reachDeveloping a website will also open you up to the possibility of generating online sales. Combined with a great marketing strategy, it can help you turn your small business around.

Enhance your brand

Finally, having a digital strategy will allow you to build a prominent and trustworthy brand. Did you know that 36% of consumers say they are more likely to engage with brands they trust? Finding ways to make your company look professional, trustworthy, and authoritative is critical.

With digital marketing, you can do just that. The act of growing a large social media following makes you seem more authentic and legitimate. Having a strong search engine presence will make consumers trust you more than businesses that are languishing down in the lower rankings. Even the simple act of having a website will make you more trustworthy than rival businesses without one.

Start your digital marketing journey with Distribute Digital

Start your digital marketing journey with Distribute DigitalThe simple fact is that we live in a digital world. Consumers spend a lot of time searching for things online via computers and mobile devices. If you don’t have a strong digital marketing strategy in 2023, you can miss out on a lot of business.




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