Top 10 PAT Testing Courses Online in the UK from £49

Top 10 PAT Online course Websites in UK

PAT is testing conducted for electrical equipment to check the current stability of the equipment. There are various tests like cable, insulation, short circuit, and grounding conditions that will be done. PAT is also known as Portable Appliance Testing. The test is conducted to prevent the health and safety of the machine and the machine operator. You can learn PAT testing online and many of the websites provide online course training for PAT testing.

List of 10 PAT Testing Courses Online in UK

1. HT PAT Testing

HT PAT Testing

HT PAT is the best electrical maintenance company in the UK. The company is an NICEIC certified PAT test company that covers the whole course and the practical learning of PAT.

The Engineers in this company are well trained who worked in different sectors like IT, IT manufacturing, testing, and electrical testing, etc., The founder Neil Hampton has 35 years of experience internationally in IT maintenance, and electrical repairs, and quality control. So, the professionals can easily understand the fault and work for the fault.

2. High Speed Training

High Speed Training

All the industries and factories or in any place the electrical equipment will be placed (at least a generator). To maintain the safety and the life of the machine regular service should be done.

The High-Speed Training provides different training courses about electrical maintenance and control. PAT is the one that is easy to learn and execute. Note that, by learning this PAT course a candidate can learn and work practically with the machine. He/she can work with the electrical machines at low risk only. In case of high risk or HV/EHV/UHV conditions, this PAT course will not help high experience will be required to work on high-risk factors.

3. Technique Learning Solutions

Technical Learning Solutions

In-Service Inspection and testing of electrical equipment can be done with the professional degree of Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing. This can be done using the PAT testing course.

This course and practice will help an individual to work as an Electrical Engineer in Domestic and Industrial Equipment. The course and practices will be given by high-standard industrial professionals. Candidates completing the course from Technique Learning will have the ability to handle high-quality equipment according to their knowledge of understanding and practices.

4. Instrotech


The training will be given in accordance with the IET 5th edition. The classes will be virtual through video calls. There will be a lot of practical learning and live examples provided by the trainers.

The classes and seats are limited in the lack of two-way communication. Candidates can learn the course from anywhere if they have internet access. Instrotech is a leading online electrical training service in London that are servicing for over 30 years. The candidates will be well trained, and the customers will be directed to choose the right equipment. They have given training for many high-quality industries like Cancer Research, Virgin Active, EDF Energy, etc.,

5. Parker Bell

Parker Bell

Parker Bell is a highly trusted industry in London for electrical and electronics training. They have developed their own product to conduct the training and practical working.

They are helping people with PAT testing for more than 20 years and now they planned to provide the free online PAT Testing fundamental course. The course is made up of 12 module which is a combination of written notes and videos. You are asked to take notes during the video session to revise it for the future and to complete the course by completing the test conducted at the end of the course. Both the course and the test are completely free and you can attend the course and write the test at any time. The E-Certificate is also provided which costs £30, for the candidates who score 90% and above and it can be downloaded from the website after completing the test.

6. First Stop Safety

First Stop Safety

The First Stop Safety is a company providing many of the services like manufacturing own products, PAT Testers, PAT Training Courses, and PAT Tester Calibration.

Since the products are made by them, the customers are advised to choose the best product and the course is provided by their own professionals who are well trained and experienced, and the materials are also made by the professionals for the easy understanding of students. Entry-level PAT tester, PAT Testers with display and PAT testing accessories are products that are manufactured by them.



PASS is a national training company which provides PAT testing for many years. They are available in many of the places in the country. They provide both venue and USB-based training.

Like many companies PASS is also manufacturing their own products which are at a high level and can be worked for EHV lines. The USB training starts with Barry Atkins who is an electrician for many years, and he will be directing and teaching the full course. Barry can explain whatever the doubts may be in PAT testing. The most convenient thing in USB learning is you can take the examination many times at no cost. The Certificate of Technical Competence will be provided on the website which can be downloaded and printed out.

8. Virtual College

Virtual College

The Virtual College is an online website providing many courses virtually. The training will be user-friendly and can be done at any time. The training will be for 1 hour which includes the PAT testing.

First, the hazards of electricity will be taught because electricity is most dangerous than any other energy source in the world. Then the need for PAT testing will be explained, and the overall guidance will be provided. Like all the sites Virtual College also provides E-Certificate which can be downloaded and printed out. They not only providing PAT testing courses but also teaching many courses like python programming.


reed provides many courses for any person to develop their career and their personality. Many of the free courses are provided, the people who aware of that utilize the training for free.

This will be helpful for many professionals and job seekers in this COVID situation. Unlike other websites, reed providing a full well-versed course for a period of 12 months for PAT testing. The cash will be paid in installments. After completing the training, the candidate can directly work in industries for high-quality equipment. After completing the course successfully, the candidates are eligible to apply for the certificate provided by Quality Licence Scheme for your achievement. For the people in the UK, the cost will be £109 and for the candidates who are outside the UK, must pay £109 + £10 = £119 for the postal cost. The certificate will be sent to the home through the post.

10. Trade Skills 4U

Trade Skills 4U

The course provided by Trade Skill will be around a period of 3 days, and this training is especially for the people is has no idea about the electrical background.

The extra day of training will be provided in 2021 to pass the examination in the first attempt, which covers the various Electrical Equipment Testing including PAT testing. A mix of practical and theoretical training will be provided and the candidates who are new to electrical will be considered special to make them understand the concepts.


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