Tyre Checks You Cannot Miss When Travelling for Business

Tyre Checks You Cannot Miss When Travelling for Business

The business world is always looking to save expenses here and reduce costs there, and sometimes these ‘savings’ turn out to be a false economy. One thing you should never skimp on is your motor vehicle fleet and the associated expenses that come along with remaining safe and legally compliant while on the UK’s roads – especially those to do with your tyres. Let’s take a look at which tyre checks you cannot miss when travelling for business.

Importance of Tyres

Your tyres are the only part of your car that is in contact with the road’s surface, and this means that if something goes wrong with the tyres, you will be stuck until they are repaired or replaced.

Importance of TyresAvoid this by making sure your tyres are in great shape before you travel and taking steps to have them replaced promptly once they have come to the end of their useful lifespans. Mobile tyre fitting is an excellent solution for a busy businessperson, as the fitter will come to you at a time and place of your choosing, so you can get on with your work while your tyres are sorted out for you, just outside the office door. Reg Greenwood offers an excellent tyre fitting service if your tyres are becoming old and worn.

Checks to Make

Get into the habit – especially if you are a frequent traveller – of checking the following on a regular basis.

Checks to Make

  • Tyre Pressure: Modern tyres need to be kept at the right inflation levels for correct functioning.
  • Tread Depth and Condition: Legally, your tread depth must be at least 1.6mm over at least the middle three-quarters of your contact surface, but most mechanics and motoring experts recommend not allowing your tread to wear below 3mm over the entire contact surface.
  • Condition of Sidewall: Often, signs of damage inside the tyre will show first in the sidewall, in the form of dimples, bulges or distortions that make the tyre look odd.

And make sure you keep track of the age of your tyres, so that you know when a new set will most likely be needed, rather than waiting until your old tyres begin to fail on you – possibly on your way to sign a new, lucrative contract.

Peace of Mind

Having your tyres professionally fitted and regularly checked will give you great peace of mind while you are on the road. This means that you can focus entirely on your business dealings and give all of your attention to making the best deal possible.


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