How to Commuting by Bike?

How to Commuting by Bike?

As fuel prices remain high and carbon emissions continue to drive global warming, cycling is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel to work. There are many advantages to commuting by bike, but you’ll need to take measures to stay safe when on the road.

How to Commuting by Bike?

Benefits of Travelling by Bike

The first and most obvious benefit of travelling by bike is that it’s faster than going on foot. You’ll cover more ground more quickly with minimal effort, saving you time if you usually walk.

Benefits of travelling by bike

It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to other transport options like cars, trains and buses. Public transport is greener than private vehicles as it means less fuel is used overall, but bikes are even better as they’re powered by you rather than an external source.

Cycling is also an excellent form of exercise which will benefit your physical health. Being outside in the fresh air instead of sitting in a vehicle or travelling will also act as a daily boost for your mental well-being.

Finally, you’ll save money by cycling to and from work. Although the bike is a significant initial investment, you’ll soon make back your money with what you save on fuel and public transport.

How to Stay Safe When Cycling?

Follow road rules

A bicycle is counted as a vehicle in the UK, so you must follow the Highway Code rules for riders.

For example, don’t be tempted to run red lights, and leave the pavement clear for pedestrians. Make it clear that you deserve equal respect from car drivers by holding your position on the road, staying well clear of the gutter and parked cars.

Wearing a helmet is not a legal requirement but it could provide lifesaving protection should you fall.

How to stay safe when cycling?

Stay back from large vehicles

Bikes are easily missed by those driving large vehicles so it’s dangerous to cycle alongside them. Failing to notice a cyclist when turning left is one of the common reasons behind bus accident claims so remember to stay well back from buses and other large vehicles like HGVs.

Ensure you’re visible

Whether you’re cycling on the side of the road or a proper cycle path, it’s vital to ensure that you’re visible at all times. This will go a long way towards safeguarding you from collisions.

Invest in clothing and accessories that have reflective elements that will catch the light, such as a hi-vis jacket or glow-in-the-dark vest. These are especially important if you’re riding on the road in the low light.

You should also attach a light to the front and back of your bike, preferably one with a flashing function that can’t help but catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians.

If you’re uncertain whether or not you’ve been seen, stay in a safe position. Try to catch the eye of drivers before acting to ensure it’s safe to go.


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