4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Water Filling Station 

Why your Office Needs a Water Filling Station

According to the American Public Association, people who work in offices are more likely to get dehydration headaches, digestive tract problems, and back pain, because of sitting in the same position all day. The health of the employees should be the first concern of all the businesses to avoid employee burnout, and dehydration is one of the most popular health-related causes of employee burnout.  Taking small steps to ensure they’re comfortable and active not only makes employees productive at work but also improves their health!

To make sure your employees are healthy and hydrated, an office water filling station is a must-have! Not only is it good for your health but also an environment-friendly option. Let’s take a further look at some reasons why getting a water filling station for your office will be worth the investment:

Benefits of Having a Water Filling Station

1. Health Benefits

Health BenefitsAccording to research, 75% of Americans on average are chronically dehydrated. Staying hydrated is really important for the immune system and for the general health of a person.

An office water filling station gives employees a reason to stretch their legs and take the focus off of work for a bit while taking a short water break.  This can help keep them from getting lazy and keep them refreshed and hydrated. Moreover, staying hydrated is really good for memory function and helps people concentrate better on work. So invest in the best water bottle filling station today and keep your employees happy and healthy and your office clean!

2. Reduce Water And Plastic Waste

Reduce Water and Plastic WasteA lot of people buy bottled water for single use and then dispose of it. This contributes largely to the plastic waste, and most times the bottles are not completely empty which increases the water waste as well. This is extremely unhealthy for the environment and it is up to every individual to help reduce the water and plastic waste. Investing in a water filling station and encouraging employees to keep environmentally friendly non-plastic water bottles or even cups to use in the office will encourage them to stay hydrated and reduce their plastic waste.

When workplaces encourage eco-friendly practices, employees take them into their everyday life as well which contributes to keeping the planet green and healthy!

3. Easy Maintenance

Leave it up to the office cleaning companies to collect hundreds of water bottles every week!

As already mentioned, single-use water bottles are a contribution to plastic waste and are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, water filling stations reduce waste and are easy to clean and maintain. Cleanliness is a communal responsibility and water bottles splattered here and there every day are definitely not a good look for your business!

Water filling stations can be wiped down by a cloth and disinfected with a spray regularly, which is easier to maintain than collecting plastic bottles all around the office.

4. Time and Money Saving

Time and Money SavingWhile it is good to get up and take a water break every once in a while, sometimes people need a quick coffee to help freshen themselves up. At times it’s not feasible to wait for the kettle to boil water while people make coffee, due to workload or a deadline to hit. A water filling station has the option for hot water and gives people the option for a quick coffee break that doesn’t take up a lot of time. Time management is extremely important especially when trying to meet deadlines, and investing in a water-filling station will never disappoint!

Moreover, using an office water station helps employees save money on purchasing water bottles. Average water stations can provide up to 14 liters of chilled water and 7 liters of hot water per day, and using only what you need saves a lot of water cost overall.

Water filling stations are easy to install and maintain which makes them a worthy investment for your office. A business’s corporate social responsibility makes them responsible for their plastic waste and their contribution towards the preservation of the environment. So get your office water filling station ASAP and keep your employees hydrated and the environment clean!


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