Why Should E-Businesses Invest In SEO During The Crisis?

How SEO can help businesses during the pandemic

The COVID-19 virus, which unexpectedly and adversely impacted business life as well as everyday life, forced us to make a compulsory and rapid entry into a brand new age.

While everyone understands more or less the magnitude of the health crisis, instead of just waiting to pass this time, it is essential to act. E-Businesses and freelancers alike can make use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a marketing tool for their brands to increase visibility and revenue.

Let’s look at why brands should concentrate on SEO alongside other marketing channels!

1. Anyone with a smartphone could be your potential client during the quarantine or lockdown period

Your future clients are individuals who come to your website if you are selling online via e-commerce sites. Although these visitors are likely to come from several sources, organic search results are often the most likely source with the highest chance of converting.


The higher your brand ranks in organic search results during this crisis, the more you will increase your current re-marketing audience and bring your brand to new people. To achieve satisfying organic ranks you need to write SEO friendly content that relates to keywords your potential customers search for. New customer data can also be added to your e-mail list. And for a fraction of the cost of ads, you can get all this organic traffic for fixed SEO costs.

2. Excessive advertisement can reduce customers during the crisis period

During these difficult times, if you do not have a product or service directly related to the crisis, ads on Google or social media could cause harm to your brand rather than profit. Of course, if you’re in the food business, with instant advertising, you can create consumer profit-oriented promotions and benefit more people. In a pandemic, fitness, books, sports, etc. sectors can also coordinate advertising that will benefit them with food.

But not only does the corporate landscape consist of these industries. If you work in sectors like aesthetics, cosmetics, clothes, tourism and law, the only thing you’re worried about right now is that this crisis is going to come to an end as soon as possible. You cannot advertise like other industries during this time as you have to adhere to government restrictions.

SEO is the only saviour in times when those industries have to reinvent themselves and their services! Businesses affected should operate according to the government guidelines, but with the help of  SEO they can rank for keywords that are relevant to more potential customers during the crisis.

If your business was successful in the restaurant industry before the pandemic then your SEO should focus on delivery and take away options while restrictions are in place to attract customers who would rather use such services.

3. Employees are working from home ready for SEO work!

Digital marketing agencies that have encouraged mobile work before the health crisis will have an advantage while the restrictions are still in place. They will already have all the systems and mechanisms set up to deliver the best services while working from home instead of the office. Agencies providing SEO services will be able to analyse the changing customer behaviour during the pandemic through the use of SEO tools. This will help them identify new alternative marketing strategies to keep businesses that are struggling afloat or even open new avenues for certain industries like cleaning products and services.

4. Any crisis provides an opportunity. Are you aware of your sector’s opportunities?

From past to present, every crisis has provided a range of possibilities. Without question, the future location of your organisation would affect your ability to leverage these opportunities. Isn’t SEO the simplest and most powerful way to make a difference these days, considering all advertisement platforms where everybody looks for hundreds of searches every day? Identify what your potential customers are looking for during this health crisis through SEO analytics and heatmaps and think about offering it to them.


5. Claim the full benefits with fixed costs for SEO

Usually, when using SEO services you are charged with fixed costs for SEO work. As with advertisement jobs, it does not vary from month to month. SEO also draws attention to the best use of restricted budgets during the crisis. You can gain a lot more return from carefully conducted SEO work on your website or with targeted Google Ads rather than investing huge sums in PR and random paid advertisements that can’t project a clear outcome or result for your business.

6. Everything will be back to normal, and so will SEO

At some point the crisis will come to an end, and we will return to our past habits. However,  nobody knows yet the aftermath of this health crisis and how it will change behaviours and processes. But SEO delivers certainty in the sense that it can help us read the latest trends and identify needs that should be covered by businesses and service providers. SEO will therefore continue to be a vital marketing tool that will be used in any crisis for various purposes.

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