Did Gordon Ramsay Invest in Bitcoins?

Did Gordan Ramsay invest in Bitcoins

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon James Ramsay is a British chef, writer, restauranteur, and television host. He is one of the most famous personalities in the food and media industries. He founded Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, his global restaurant group in 1977. His restaurant group is extremely famous and has been awarded 16 Michelin stars, it currently holds 7 of them as well. Gordon Ramsay became one of the best-known, popular, and celebrity chefs in the United Kingdom by 2004. Ramsay’s skills are extremely praiseworthy, his skills are considered to be excellent, and his ability and success in establishing and managing multiple restaurants.

Who is Gordan RamsayWith such popularity and credibility in the food and media industries, Ramsay possesses a large number of financial assets and monetary worth. His restaurants earn a fortune across the globe. The net worth of Gordon Ramsay is £162 million. It is estimated that his annual salary is nearly £44 million and that he makes £165 thousand through every single episode. He also makes a lot of money through advertisements and by endorsing products.

Therefore, it can be easily stated that his assets are of interest to the public. He has more than adequate money to invest, in order to earn passive income just from his funds. In fact, there have been several reports claiming that he has been investing his money for the past few months. Here, we will be taking a look at whether these reports are true or not, and whether Gordon Ramsay is actually investing in Bitcoins.

Are the Reports True – Is Gordon Ramsay Truly Investing in Bitcoins?

Is Gordan Ramsay Truly Investing in BitcoinsThere have been repeated reports that Gordon Ramsay has invested in cryptocurrency. The reports also mention that he has been conducting his trades through the Bitcoin Revolution trading site.

But are these reports true or not?

By looking into his public statements and comments, there is an attempt to verify whether Gordon Ramsay had invested in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Revolution trading site or not.

A thorough search and looking about reveals that Gordon Ramsay had never, in any way or form, indicated that he is a Bitcoin investor. His remarks, talks, declarations, and public statements, reveal nothing that points out that he is, in fact, a Bitcoin investor. There are no proofs or indications that he has purchased Bitcoins, traded them, or dealt with the organizations that handle and deal in Bitcoins, or as a matter of fact, any other cryptocurrency. When it comes to Bitcoin profit, it depends on many factors.

There might be a chance that Gordon Ramsay has actually invested in Bitcoins. But, there is no evidence publicly available that suggests this. Therefore, it would be incorrect to believe that Ramsay is a cryptocurrency investor and the reports are actually and truly fake.

Has Gordon Ramsay used the Bitcoin Revolution to invest in Bitcoins?

The above-mentioned reports claim that Gordon Ramsay invested in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Revolution, which happens to be a bitcoin trading site. The Bitcoin Revolution platform claims to be one of the first auto-trading robots to combine Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies together. It considers itself to be widely reviewed and claims that it is extremely profitable to its users and investors. It also calls itself highly accessible to everyone and free for all its users. It accepts all the trading funds from its investors, and then, on its users’ behalf, conducts data-driven trade as an automated trading platform.

As mentioned previously, there is no evidence that promotes the idea that Gordon Ramsay is an investor of cryptocurrency, or just of Bitcoins. Therefore, it can be safely concluded that since Ramsay does not trade in cryptocurrency, he simply has no use for the Bitcoin Revolution. Thus, Gordon Ramsay has no connection to the Bitcoin Revolution trading site platform in any manner whatsoever.

If Gordon Ramsay is Not a Bitcoin Investor, Then Why did the Rumour Start?

Marketers, traders, small businesses, corporations, organizations, and all other related units require investments to run them. Without the investments that they receive, there is an extremely high chance that the business or market might suffer due to great losses. Their conditions might worsen to such a level that they would be forced to shut down. Investments are a dire necessity for such corporations. They need to be able to make people interested in their trade and get them to invest in them.

One of the ways to do that is by identifying the name and the work of their business with the names and faces of famous personalities, despite the fact that those personalities usually have nothing to do with these businesses. By attaching themselves to any celebrity’s name, they try to increase their own publicity. When the ordinary public would see that their favorite celebrities are investing in such markets, traders and businesses, they would get interested in these trades, and attempt to invest in them. It is, therefore, necessary to stay and remain aware about where and when to invest one’s money, and not be incited just because of any celebrity’s name attached to any venture.

Stay Safe from Bitcoin Scams, Remain Aware, and Be Cautious

Stay Safe from Bitcoin ScamsBefore attempting to or starting investing one’s money and time into any business, trade, or buy cryptocurrency, it is essential that one is confirmed about the legitimacy of the corporations. There are numerous fraud organizations, fake businesses, illegal websites, scam emails, unauthorized transactions methods, and unsafe money managing activities that could endanger one’s financial security. The scammers out there are just waiting to find and catch any potential and unaware victims. They waste no time in executing their nefarious plans so that they are able to easily steal from any ordinary person. Scammers are also known to use the faces and names of celebrities to attract people. They post advertisements on social media, search engines and send spam emails to attract people with the prospect of trapping them. It is unfortunate to say that many people actually fall for these scams and end up having financial losses. They then proceed to spend quite a lot of their time and effort trying to recover from it. Therefore, caution is very important while dealing with such issues.


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