Link Building Tools – Top 9 Online Tools for SEO Experts

Top 9 Link Building Tools for SEO Experts

Link building is one of the Off-Page SEO strategies that help to increase your website traffic with the help of backlinks. Backlinks are the links that are linked with and to your website from other websites. In this article, we will discuss the top 9 link building tools for SEO experts, by which you can attain highly authorized backlinks.

Top 9 Link Building Tools for SEO Experts 

Here we will discuss the most used and the top link building tools that are suggested by many experienced SEO experts.

1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is the most used and most suggested link building tool, here you can do keyword research, site audit, you can also analyse the performance of the website, Ahrefs is the second most active crawler after Google Bot.

They have more than 3 trillion live backlinks and this brings them to the first position.

You can search for links using the Content Explorer option, to find the relevant blogs or pages to your targeted keyword. You can use the filters provided, and I’m using the time period from 2005 to 2021, my keyword should be in the title, and the language is in English.

You can use the filter according to your needs, and if you choose the website, you can easily download the backlinks from Site Explorer then reach out and suggest those links in your blog post. You can see the backlinks for free, but you should pay $82/month to use content explorer.

2. Google


The most used tool for backlinks is the Google search engine where you can find trillions of pages and links for free. You can search for the contents related to your keyword using search operators.

The search operators like intitle, inurl, and OR operators can be combined to find the relevant results for your targeted keyword.

For example,

link (intitle:building OR intitle:building strategies) (inurl:building OR inurl:building strategies)

The above method is one of the easiest methods to filter the contents for your targeted keyword, here my targeted keyword is link building strategiesNot only this method but also you can use the search operators in different ways to filter the contents.

3. Semrush


Semrush is also one of the most used SEO tools, and it is the perfect tool for backlink analysis that helps to identify all the new and lost backlinks in your website. With this tool, you can also link the pages that acquire your domain’s link.

All you need to do is, enter your domain in the Backlink Analysis tab and set up your filters, it will show all the links linked to your website on every page.


This help to get the contact information and you can outreach the website owners through the mail for link building. But you can get only 25 searches/month with a free account, if you need more you need to pay $48/month. is the tool used to find the email address of a specific domain. If you enter the domain URL or name it will display all the emails in a particular domain.

5. NeverBounce


NeverBounce is one of the excellent tools to verify the authority and validity of any email address. It is important to check the availability of the user in any email address before you outreach.

If you fail to do or check, then it will reflect negatively and waste of time to personalize outreach emails. If you enter a prospect email address, the NeverBounce will tell you whether the email is valid, invalid, accept all, or disposable.

One of the excellent features in NeverBounce is Zapier Integration, which helps to identify the validity of email addresses while you are working in Google Sheets.

You can set up this Zapier Integration easily in a multi-step zap, and if you enter any email address in the sheet, it will ping NeverBounce and automatically tracks the authority of that particular mail and logs the verification status in the same sheet.

It’s a truly effective tool for all SEO experts, and the only difficulty is you need to pay for each email verification once. NeverBounce monthly subscription is $49, and it costs $0.025 every time when the zap runs

6. Buzzstream


Many SEO experts and beginners will outreach manually, but Buzzstream is a tool that helps to manage your outreach projects. You can track, manage, organize, personalize, and send emails from a single platform.

Buzzstream uses chrome extension and this speed up the link prospecting, you can find the contact information of any website and add them to prospects. This will help you to manage the email outreach, you can add multiple prospects and send them at the same time.

Buzzstream also provides you with the inbuilt template for outreach and you can make use of it for professional email, and it costs up to $25/month.



Every journalist and content writers need expert help to approve their content and to make it more informative. HARO provides such an unbelievable service i.e., HARO connects all their users with industrial experts.

HARO – Help A Reporter Out helps the user via daily emails from industrial experts. Here’s how it works,

  • User Submit a source request to HARO
  • HARO submits 3 emails/day to all its 800,000 users with the request
  • It uses pitch the relevant request to gain more backlinks

If you submit a request, and if it is approved, HARO will send you an email with a backlink and mention from a website.

HARO divides the requests into different categories, and you choose your relevant query. For example, there is a category named ‘Business and Finance’ that combines all the business-related niches from Bitcoin to SEO.

You can use HARO’s paid plans to utilize its service and the plan starts from $19/month.

8. URL Profiler

URL Profiler

URL Profiler is a tool where you can get various information from URL i.e., all the data associated with the links. If you have a URL and you need to find the information URL Profiler is the perfect place for you.

The process is simple you can paste the URLs and tick the boxes to collect the information you need. When you click the ‘readability’ check box, it tries to collect and display the author’s information.

URL Profiler is one of the application partners of Ahrefs, so you can collect the Ahrefs metric for thousands of URLs. You can download this tool in both Mac and Windows, and it is free for the first 14 days, if you are willing to continue the service you need to pay $19.95/month.

9. SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar is also a special tool of Ahrefs that has unique features, it can be used as an extension in both Chrome and Firefox. It is one of the excellent tools for link prospecting that can highlight both the internal links and dead links at the same time.

Not all SEO tools can display both the internal and dead links at the same time, this tool is helpful in selecting the perfect prospect for your outreach mail and the tool is free for Ahrefs customers.


Link building can be done in different ways either manually or automatically using these tools. The manual operation takes more time, the time you take to build links will affect your ranking. You can use these most trusted Link Building Tools where you can make the process easier and faster.


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