Easy Link Building Strategies for Beginners


Link building is not an easy process, many experienced professionals are struggling to build authorized links. As a beginner, you are in the right place to learn the easy link building strategies.

Here, we will discuss some of the best strategies, that will work. These tactics can bring needle-moving links that drive traffic and improve conversion rates and leads.

Backlinks are the reputation of any website that helps Google to crawl your page in the top position. An unauthorised link can damage your website’s SEO ranking and it will be difficult to attract more visitors to your websites.

Without any delay, let us get into the link building strategies,

Link Building Strategies for Beginners

1. Outreach

As an SEO, it is important to learn about outreach concepts that can bring you the best backlinks. Almost, all the link building strategies will start with an outreaching concept.

But as a beginner, you would have a question “what is outreach?” With this Email outreach or email marketing concept, you can attract more visitors to your website. Reach out to the people and introduce them to your content.

Ask your competitors and other website owners to read content in your niche with blog posts, and infographics.

To Whom should your reach out?

  • People who used your target keywords in the articles
  • People who linked to similar content on the topic

How to Find the people related to your niche?

There are many ways to search for websites and people, you can make use of Google search. Type your keyword and select the sites that are displayed in the top 10 positions. It may be harder and time-consuming so, here I have used Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is one of the excellent tools for the SEO practices. Go to Content Explorer in Ahrefs and search for your targeted keyword.

Let us try it for “Email Marketing”.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Here, you can see a graph that shows trends for your targeted keyword for the selected time period. There are many filters that help you to find the best business websites according to your requirement.


Here, I’ve used One Page Per Domain this filter helps to select different websites for your keyword. Here you can also their referring domains, and there is also an inbuilt referring domain filter.

Now you need to collect their information and shoot an email by requesting them to read your articles and earn backlinks.

Outreaching is of the easiest and best methods to attract more visitors and to build more backlinks.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is of the oldest methods that are still in practice for link building. The concept of guest blogging is to write an article for other websites in your niche.

Here you can provide links that are referring to your website, and the website owners will screen your content and publish it. With this technique, you and your prospect will get desired backlinks.

How to Find your prospects for Guest Blogging?

Every experienced SEO expert will use Google Search Operators to find the websites that are accepting guest posts. Here is the syntax you should use in Google search,

title + intitle : “write for us”

For example, we can choose “Fashion” as a topic and use the syntax in Google search,

Fashion + intitle : “write for us” 

Google Search Operators

Here you can see the different websites that are accepting guest posts related to fashion. You can choose your best prospect by analysing their website. This may be difficult for a beginner another easiest method is using Ahrefs – Content Explorer.

Ahrefs provide you with all the best practices for SEO strategies and using Content Explorer and inbuilt filters you can find a different and unique website for guest blogging in your niche.

3. Broken Link building

This technique involves only 3 simple steps,

  • Find a broken link related to your niche in any random websites
  • Create an article, infographic, or blog post related to broken resource
  • Ask any experts to publish by linking with the broken resource instead of your working link

Can’t you get it, let us discuss this with an example. I got a website named backlinko with many broken links while reading an article.

Use Ahrefs – Site Explorer to analyse the website performance and click on the Broken Backlinks tab on the left side.

You will see the results like this,

Broken Link Building

Here you can see the broken links, but they have a number of referring domains and linked domains. This strategy has been used by many SEO experts where they can create unique content that will dominate Google Penalties.


There are a number of link building strategies in the Digital Marketing world, but above mentioned are the most trusted and easiest link building strategies for beginners. With these techniques, you can get authorised and unique backlinks and improve the crawlability of your sites.


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