Second Hand Air Rifle Stocks for Sale in UK

Second hand air rifle for sale

The air Rifle is now becoming popular in many parts of the UK as it functions and is designed the same as a real armed rifle. Many of the citizens have doubts regarding owning an air rifle in the UK. Is it out of law? Will the police catch you if you use it? So, to clear all these doubts, first of all, you need to know whether the Air Rifle equipment is legal or illegal, which can be decided on the basis of the power of the Air Rifle. According to the firearm rules and regulations in the UK, the threshold of 12ft/lb. Energy and air rifles above this limit will require the license. All the rifles below this range would not require any license. This blog is to provide information about the Second-hand Air Rifle stocks for sale in the UK.

The working mechanism of the air rifle is pretty simple. It consists of an air chamber that contains compressed air which is needed to create the force to throw the pellets out of the shaft. Many newcomers who buy the Air Rifle for the first time, practice plinking to gain the experience to control the rifle. Plinking is the term that is used to denote the shooting of a metal target like a coke can. The word plinking came from the sound when the pellets hit the metals.

One should always keep in mind that safety is the first priority when you use a rifle. Make sure that the surrounding of the shooting range is empty and not many people are there. Also, look for a place that does not have pets or any animals. The young shooters should take expert supervision before practicing.


Air rifles in the UK are in huge demand nowadays and are becoming a sport. According to many surveys the air shooting competitions are held which can make it a desirable sport for youngsters. It is termed as a competitive as well as a disciplined sport to be played in the UK. Most of the competitions allow standing positions to shoot while others also allow laying down or sitting on knees while shooting. Targets can be varying depending upon the size of the competition. The targets can be human dummies with armor or silhouettes of animals.

These air rifle competitions are becoming very popular and are also included in the Olympic games. In the year 2016, shooting was played with discipline. The Olympics in RIO witnessed the first-ever medal for Target Shooting. If you are a citizen of the UK then getting an air rifle is pretty simple. There are various online and offline modes from which you can choose. You can search and surf on different sites which deliver air rifles in the UK.

To make your work simpler we have curated the best 10 places from which you can buy a second-hand air rifle in stocks for sale in the UK.

Top 10 Places to buy Second-hand Air Rifle stocks for sale in the UK

1. eBay


It is known as one of the leading sites which can sell second-hand Air rifles in stocks for sale in the UK. The site is very popular and reputed. They have a variety of second-hand air rifles from which you can choose.

The guns sold on eBay are checked by the experts and OK tested, so you should not worry about the quality. There are a variety of guns like the Relum Air Rifles, Diana Series, Vintage BSA, and a lot more.

2. Wighill Park Guns

Wighill Park Guns

The company was well-established in 1985. They carry a full load stock of accessories including vintage guns. They also allow the customers to try a shot before buying, which guarantees the working of the air rifle. They also sell ammunition and shotguns.

3. Gun Trader

Gun Trader

This shop is the UK’s most trusted trader, which sells a wide range and the newest to the oldest types of air rifles. You can browse through their catalog where you can find almost all the guns you want. For instance, the Webley Sports, Hatsan 95, BSA, and many more.

4. REDBECK Shooting

Redbeck Shooting

Red beck can offer a huge range of second-hand as well as new air rifles. They curate one of the best collections which are available in the market. All the air rifles can be bought with confidence and guarantee.

5. Pellpax


They have almost 70-years of working experience in selling secondhand and new air rifles with precision and quality. They have customer services as well which would guide you to pick up the best from the wide variety of guns.

6. Woody’s of Wembley

Woodys of Wembley

The woods of Wembleywere established in the year 1963 and has one of the largest and the biggest shops in London. They give an efficient and friendly service to their customers in picking up the best from all types of guns. They have workshop facilities as well.

7. Shoot Mart

Shoot Mart

They also have a wide variety of used and new guns. BSA, Webley, Wesson, and many more guns with super quality are available there. You can buy or also sell air rifles.

You can take a test before buying the rifle which would be done by the company’s employee to ensure proper working of the rifle.

8. Shooting UK

Shooting UK

They give reasonably priced second-hand air rifles which you may not get at any other place. The rifles here are cheap and can be bought easily. The company became popular as they provided a wide range of facilities with quality guns at an affordable price.

9. Just AIR Guns

Just Air Guns

They have one of the largest collections of air rifles and air pistols. The services and the facilities which they give are of the best quality. They have affordable pricing for guns as well.

10. Bradford Stalker

Bradford Stalker

Bradford is a well-reputed company started by a UK family in the year 1980. Soon, they increased their territory to sell a wide number of guns which were old as well as new. They have one of the best collections of Vintage guns.

These shops listed above would provide the best quality. You can choose the best Second-Hand Air Rifle stocks for sale. Please comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with E-Business Blog.


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