Crucial Steps To Take For Unfair Dismissal

Crucial Steps To Take For Unfair Dismissal

Employees have legal rights regarding how their employer may terminate their employment. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed, contact an employment attorney.

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If your employment contract has been terminated recently and you are considering filing for unfair dismissal, here are some steps to take.

Crucial Steps To Take For Unfair Dismissal

Do Not Vent Or Retaliate

Retaliating might get you into hot water with the law. Please don’t use social media as a way to slander your previous employer, as this might cast you in a bad light.

Crucial Steps To Take For Unfair Dismissal - Do Not Vent Or RetaliateFollow the termination procedure, and hand your company laptop, car, or access card to your employer. A witness on your side should accompany you when you return company materials.

Understand Why You Were Fired

You need to know why you were dismissed. Request a dismissal letter that provides the reasons for your dismissal. Were your employee rights violated?

It is determined whether you have a wrongful termination case based on the reason for your dismissal. You wouldn’t have a claim if you were tardy on many occasions. Although, if many employees are repeatedly late and are still in their roles, you might have a case.

Review Your Contract And Applicable Laws

If you have an employment contract, it is time to sit down and review it. Conditions for termination are generally stipulated in an employment contract.

Review the regulations relevant to the scenario you find yourself in. Pay particular attention to hiring and firing rules, disciplinary measures, employment laws of your state, and federal employment laws.

Review Your Contract And Applicable LawsContact an employment attorney to assess the legality of your claim. You don’t want to be instigating an unfair dismissal claim where there is none.

Get Your Evidence Together

Gather evidence as soon as possible and keep your claim plans to yourself. If your employer is in the wrong and is aware that you plan to claim unfair dismissal, they might try to interfere with evidence.

Letters and documents (hard and soft copies) and previous documents with warnings or disciplinary actions are a good idea to keep as proof of unfair dismissal. Consider recording all communications with your employer in a notebook. Take note of your co-workers and their treatment. Are supervisors applying the rules fairly?

Get Your Evidence TogetherAvoid taking any sensitive company information as you could get into serious trouble. As you collect your proof, don’t take anything that belongs to your employer without permission. Think about the end results you are looking for. Do you want to be compensated or reinstated?

Dismissals are a tough but necessary part even in small business. Wrongful or unfair dismissal can lead to litigation, damaging your company’s reputation, so be careful when dismissing employees.


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