Why Aren’t You Connecting with Your Target Audience?

why arent you connecting with your target audience

Your target audience is the people you want to connect with using your brand. These are the people who will buy your products and will be excited about what you are offering. How do you connect with them? Most business owners have only a vague idea of how to appeal to and reach a target audience.

Here are some suggestions that can help you if you are having trouble connecting with the audience you want. If you are not getting the right responses or are receiving no responses whatsoever, then you may need to make some changes. Look through this list and see if there is something you might be doing wrong that you could do differently.

Reasons You Aren’t Reaching Your Target Audience

You Are Targeting an Audience with No Means

why arent you connecting with your target audienceThere may be people who want your product or service but who simply cannot afford it. Think about who your target audience is and if they tend to be people who can afford what you are selling at the price you are selling it. If you are trying to reach an audience that is interested in what you are offering but just cannot afford it, then you need to pivot.

You can either target a different audience or change the price point and product somewhat so that you can actually connect with your audience. You either change who you are targeting or make your product accessible. There are a lot of ways to do both of those options, but once you identify that this is your problem, then you can move forward from there.

You Aren’t Engaging with Them Well

Some audiences demand engagement from you. They expect to be catered to on social media across various platforms. They expect you to respond to their questions and produce regular content that they find interesting. This is true of only certain target audiences, but if yours falls into that category, then you need to be doing all you can to keep them interested and meet their expectations.

You Aren’t Engaging with Them WellThat may mean devoting more time to reaching your audience and talking to them, and to do that, you might need to clear your schedule. Giving up some of the things you are used to doing to put more time into audience engagement will pay off in the future. Consider hiring house cleaners so you don’t have to spend as much time with that work, or office cleaners, if that is what is cutting into your work time.

The agency doing it all in Chicago can handle the entirety of your cleaning needs so you have more time to handle interactions with your customers. Remember that online interactions can lead to real world purchases and loyal customers, if you play your cards right. Take time to engage with potential clients and followers online to grow your business and build a strong online presence.

Your Audience Is too Extensive

If you have too broad of a focus, you will have trouble connecting with an audience very well. By trying to appeal to practically everyone, you will end up appealing to almost no one. You may have customers, but how loyal will they be? They may be interested in your product, but how strong will that be?

By focusing your target audience more, you will find a niche that really works for you. This allows you to appeal to a certain kind of customer rather than struggling to appeal to every kind of customer. It is much easier to tailor your content and marketing approach this way, and you will see that it pays off. Instead of getting a few sales spread across a wide range of customers, you will get more sales from a very focused set of customers who are extremely interested in what you are offering.

Your Audience Is too ExtensiveIt helps to look at metrics for what a specific audience is looking for and read up on approaches for how to appeal to them. Find out what strategies your competition is using and see how you can adapt some of them for your business and marketing models. When you narrow your focus, your customers will feel like you know them better and understand their specific needs. When that happens, they can help spread the word for you and do some of our advertising so that you don’t have to.

You Don’t Know What Your Audience Wants

You may have identified your target audience and narrowed it down to a niche that is specific enough for you to focus on, but you also have to figure out how to give them what they want. Look at the research for your target audience, specific to their gender, age, occupation, and other metrics. You will never appeal to them if you don’t understand them and their wants. You might think you know what they want, but if you haven’t done any research on it, then you are only guessing.

You can be sure that by this point some marketing agencies have done research on your target audience and know how to identify their desires and appeal to those desires. You can discover that research for yourself and tap into their desires as directly as possible. Save yourself some work and cut down your advertising budget by making use of the resources that are already available.

You Don’t Know What Your Audience WantsWhat are their hobbies and interests? What do they like to do in their spare time? How can you connect with them on that level and not just connect with their needs? If you can target your audience at a personal level where their interests lie, then you may have a direct line to their wallet. You can bypass a lot of the walls they put up and represent your brand as one that really gets them and that has their interests at heart.

With these changes your business can be transformed to better appeal to the customer and reach them where they are. Your target audience is out there waiting for you. You just have to figure out how best to connect with them.


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