0300 Numbers

0300 Numbers

If you are new in the UK and are still figuring out what are 0300 numbers then, this article will be extremely helpful to you. In this article, we will provide all the information about the 0300 numbers and cover all questions like; what the 0300 numbers, if they are free or not, the cost of the numbers, are they free on ee, o2, or Vodafone.

What are 0300 numbers?

0300 numbers are non-geographic. They don’t have any association with a particular area or city and are comprehensive and agreeable to everyone. Therefore, noble causes like Mind (an emotional well-being encouraging group of people) has taken on 0300 numbers for their crisis support telephone line. The number is one that is just accessible for use by explicit qualified associations.

Are they free?

Are They FreeNow to answer the most asked question, if the 0300 numbers are free or not. 0300 numbers cost cash to call and that is the whole point. Frequently helplines, for example, the LGBT+ switchboard are volunteer-driven at this point originators of such associations endeavour to have the option to reward the specialists in some type of instalment or advantage. At any rate, association expenses can assist with subsidizing building costs and paid splits for the people who surrender their opportunity to help other people.

Benefits of 0300 numbers

Benefits of 0300 NumbersThe benefit of getting 0300 numbers is that aside from the fact that they are a UK-wide number, there are advantages for the two associations and clients utilizing a 0300 number – just as every one of the 03 numbers. The first is that it eliminates the requirement for somebody to need to call the more costly 0845 and 0870 numbers. The second is that it’s a lot simpler as you just need to contact only one number as opposed to various numbers.

Cost of 0300 numbers

Cost of 0300 NumbersThe most important thing that any person who is buying a new number should ask is the cost of the number. Because let’s face it, we all think carefully when it comes to the topic of cost. Across every one of the landlines administrations and cell phones, these numbers charge a standard rate. It doesn’t make any difference what telephone the client is utilizing, or even which network one is on.

Calling rates differ from organization to framework, however, they are not permitted to charge more for the numbers with the 0300 numbers than they do on others. It is, notwithstanding, vital to check with your organization supplier to know whether it will cost you to call a number beginning with 0300. It relies upon the agreement you made with the organization and furthermore the council tax plan also.

Are 0300 numbers free on ee?

The next very important question that we covered is are the 0300 numbers free on ee. In the UK, it is very beneficial to know if your numbers are compatible with ee or not and if they cost any charge or are completely free. If you make any calls from 0300 numbers from EE cost equivalent to when calling some other landline 01 or 02 number. Alongside call charges, all calls to a 0300 number are remembered for the shopper’s distributed month-to-month remittance of comprehensive minutes, simply equivalent to 01 or 02 numbers are.

Are the numbers free on o2?

The next point in this article will be focusing on whether the 0300 numbers are free on o2 or not. 0300 numbers are charged at a similar rate as 01 or 02 numbers when you have O2 as your specialist co-op. They are likewise remembered for however many free minutes you are permitted on your picked telephone plan.

This is a consequence of government enactment presented in Spring 2007 which said that 03 numbers should be charged at a similar rate as 01 or 02 numbers. After your free minutes are spent you will be charged at O2’s standard UK rate.

Nevertheless, any excess unexpired free minutes that are on your O2 Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go tax can be utilized to telephone these numbers for no extra charge. This implies that as long you have sufficient free minutes then, at that point, calling a 0300 number is successfully free however assuming you consistently run out of your free minutes, you will be charged on your next telephone bill.

Cost on Vodafone network

The last point that we will be covering is the question of whether the 0300 numbers are free on Vodafone or not. There are many people in the UK that are ardent users of Vodafone. The cost differs if you are on a contract or pay-as-you-go-sim deal through Vodafone. These costs are affordable and reliable for the first time. The cost is as per the following:

  • Reaching a 0300 number on an agreement sim through Vodafone won’t cause any extra charges.
  • Calls made outside of your comprehensive minutes to 0300 numbers are charged at 30 pence each moment.
  • Pay-more only as costs arises sim holders are additionally in this section.
  • All calls made to a 0300 number are important for the standard UK landline area, this additionally incorporates all calls made to both 01 and 02 numbers.
  • Month-to-month call charge explanations give a reasonable rule and breakdown of all calls made to 0300 numbers on your Vodafone plan.


The above article contained all the information about 0300 numbers. Not only basic information, but it also covers some very important questions. The next time you are thinking of buying a new number that starts with 0300, make sure you read this article very carefully. If not read properly, you can face unnecessary issues that will be carried for the long term.

0300 numbers can be used only by explicit members that are highly valued in society. Make sure you give this article a thorough read so that it is extremely beneficial to you in the long run. And you won’t have to change your number again and again due to small problems.


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