0808 Numbers – Are They Cost Free?

0808 Numbers

In India, there are 138 crore people who use many numbers that begin with different combinations of numbers. Just like this, in the UK, there are many combinations of numbers that are used by different people for various purposes. One such combination is the 0808 combination. In this article we will be looking at the various uses of the number, are they free, and many more important pointers.

What are 0808 numbers?

0808 numbers are referred to as ‘freephone’ numbers as they are for nothing from all UK landline and cell phones as the association that gets the consider pay the full expense, so there is less money forced on the guest. 0808 numbers were acquainted in 1997 with add greater ability to freephone benefits and are essentially indistinguishable from 0800 numbers.

As they are for nothing these numbers contrast fundamentally from by far most of UK telephone numbers, including 01, 02, 03, and 09 numbers, which force every moment or set charge for each call. 0808 numbers are characterized as being non-geographic as they are not allotted to a particular region inside the UK, consequently they contrast from numbers, for example, 0161 which are enrolled to Manchester.

Are 0808 numbers free?

Are 0808 Numbers FreeThese numbers are allowed to call from both landline phones and furthermore cell phones. The guest pays nothing at all to make a request – this is the reason 0808 numbers and freephone numbers are so well known among organizations.

0808 numbers cost

Cost of 0808 NumbersAs previously mentioned, 0808 telephone numbers are for nothing from all UK landlines and mobiles as they are freephone numbers like 0800 numbers. Calling these numbers from a payphone might be free anyway they may likewise be obstructed as the association getting the call needs to pay the full expense of the call which is altogether higher from payphones than landline or mobiles.

Are 0808 numbers free on EE?

EE month-to-month contracts are now allowed to make calls, but these EE month-to-month contracts will charge you some amount to make a call. You can call any business 0808 number on EE on the off chance that you have a month-to-month agreement and this won’t be deducted from the minutes that you get with your agreement.

By enactment, you are additionally now qualified with the expectation of complimentary calls to 0808 number liberated from administration charge from paying more only as costs arise telephone. In the event that this doesn’t give off an impression of being going on with EE, you might have to reach them. Albeit this is an enactment, it is still somewhat new, so you might require a few settings refreshed before you can really get to this.

Are 0808 numbers free on O2?

In case you are utilizing 02 inside the UK, calling a 0808 number is totally free. This is paying little heed to the tax you are utilizing. Before 2015 you needed to pay to call this number. Notwithstanding, in June 2015 the UK government passed an enactment to simplify it for clients to comprehend call charges. It is on account of this enactment that calling 0808 is presently free. Clients on 02’s Pay Monthly who pay for their versatile use routinely additionally appreciate free calls to any 0808 contact numbers for business.

Before the public authority passed the enactment in 2015, it would have cost you 20p each moment to settle on a decision to 0808. While such a sum looks pretty much nothing, the sum might amass to critical cash if, for example, you settle on ordinary decisions to a client assistance group. Very much like O2 clients on Pay Monthly, those on Pay and Go additionally appreciate free calls to 0808 under their SIM-just arrangement.

Calling 0808 from outside the UK is, notwithstanding, not free paying little heed to the versatile organization you are on. The sum you are charged when calling 0808 from the UK relies upon the country you are calling from. Notwithstanding, because of modest wandering rates, calling from other European nations is moderately reasonable.

Benefits of using 0808 numbers

Benefits of Using 0808 NumbersOrdinarily, when calling a telephone line individuals will need to get off the telephone as fast as conceivable because of the extraordinarily costly expenses each moment. Notwithstanding, with the 0808 numbers being free there is no compelling reason to do this. This implies a client/resident/and so forth will invest more energy on the telephone line.

  • Organizations that utilize this number are bound to have more certain client encounters. This might actually give your company/association a superior standing by and large. In this way, despite the fact that the organization is the one paying for the calls it could work out emphatically overall.
  • Most organizations/associations that utilization these numbers are a noble cause or client assistance. They need to fix your concern and their principal objective is to take care of you so it very well may be a genuine battle on the off chance that you can’t remain on the telephone adequately long.
  • The attention to ‘0808’ numbers is on the ascent, organizations will buy this number series followed by simple digits, this number can act as the helpline for many small businesses. Ordinarily, individuals won’t answer calls from surprising numbers, with odd areas that they are uninformed of.
  • Luckily, however, with the ‘0808’ number there is no pondering and disarray. It is understood that it is the freephone number so individuals will answer calls without a second thought or stress.


After intense research, we have curated this article which will be immensely helpful to you in every spectrum. This article includes all the pointers that a consumer should be aware of before purchasing a 0808 number. A consumer should always have up-to-date knowledge before making any purchase.

Give a thorough read and do not miss any point so that you will get a 360-degree benefit and not just in crumbs and pieces. This way calls will be a fun activity rather than a stressful one.


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