Main Features and Benefits of SalesForce CRM

Benefits of SalesForce CRM 

Deciding which tools and software you may need to achieve your business goals can be hard, especially when you have no special skills and knowledge in automation solutions.

Yet, if you have been interested in CRMs (aka Customer Relations Management systems), the name of SalesForce may be familiar to you. If you still have no idea about what it is, in this article, you may find the answers to most questions about SalesForce and its specifics. Let’s consider why SalesForce is the #1 choice, and what benefits you can get from its implementation.

The information in this article was shared by pros from the SalesForce consulting company Avenga, which helps businesses with the implementation of the CRM and its maintenance.

What SalesForce Is and What Differentiates It from Other CRMs?

You may know that today, customer relations are the most important part of every business. And there is a special type of software that provides business owners with relevant customers’ databases and all possible operations with it.

There are multiple types of this software, namely CRMs. Some of them are on shelves while others are custom developed. And there is a special type of cloud-based CRMs that offer all the required functions but do not need any physical server to be installed. SalesForce is a CRM of that kind.

What SalesForce Is and What Differentiates It from Other CRMsBesides, its speciality lies in multi-tenancy architecture. That means, that each business owner who decides to implement SalesForce can adjust it and design it to the features of the business. As a result, SalesForce is tailored to meet the requirements of various business niches like tutoring business, cosmetic business etc.

To start with SalesForce, you need to get access to the dedicated SalesForce Instance, which works as a virtual server with an attached SalesForce Organization. The latter is your personal key, which allows implementing custom settings for the CRM to make it effective for your business.

At the same time, you do not have to carry out 100% responsibility for the CRM’s performance. You are responsible for the adjustments and data you collect, while overall maintenance of the platform is provided by its support team. Thus, you do not need either a server or an IT department to get all the things going OK with your SalesForce CRM.

Moreover, with time, the platform acquires new features, so with each update, it becomes even more thought-out and its main benefit is that SalesForce provides logical optimization of its resources to make each customer get maximum performance and efficiency from it without drawbacks and delays.

Main Functions and Additional Solutions Provided by SalesForce

After we basically understood SalesForce’s principle of work, let’s focus on its main functions.

Main Functions and Additional Solutions Provided by SalesForce Here they are:

  • The CRM offers an opportunity to sort business processes and unify them in related Object blocks. For example, when you are running a grooming service for pets, you can develop different blocks for your clients’ database, their pets’ database, their applications, and responsible employees. Then you can create links between these Objects.
  • One of the most valuable functions of SalesForce is its dynamic performance. You get your customers’ database that is updated in real-time, and you can track each application and order.
  • Customization in SalesForce is one of its strong sides too. Its principle allows hiding unnecessary fields and, if necessary, reloading their contents from the cloud.
  • SalesForce is one of the most powerful tools for organizing and storing large amounts of information. With it, you will be able to operate with all the necessary data for each client, collected in the form of virtual cards.

That is just a couple of the most essential functions that SalesForce offers its customers. Yet, you can design it to your needs with ease by adding or removing some functions.

Concluding on the Benefits of a SalesForce

Concluding on the Benefits of a SalesForceConcluding on the benefits of SalesForce, we can highlight 3 main features that are the most beneficial for businesses:

  • This is a cloud service that you can access from anywhere in the world, from any device. At the same time, a high degree of data protection and optimization of the distribution of resources of the cloud platform makes SalesForce one of the most reliable solutions.
  • In SalesForce, the system interface can be customized to suit the needs of your business. Moreover, the system offers about a dozen clouds with different functions that can be integrated with each other to get all the necessary functions.
  • If necessary, you can also add add-ons written in Apex to SalesForce. This allows you to further customize CRM to suit your needs.

Implementation of the SalesForce CRM – How to Get It for Your Business?

To implement SalesForce in your business, you should contact experienced specialists. Of course, SalesForce support will be happy offer options for optimizing CRM, but in order to choose exactly the clouds and modules that you require from the very beginning, you should consult with independent specialists. They will also help you set up CRMs and learn how to work with it without wasting time and money. For example, at Avenga, you can get comprehensive advice on how to use and implement SalesForce with the greatest efficiency.



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