The Best 4G Dashcam You Can Buy

The Best 4G Dashcam You Can Buy

It’s always good to have a camera of sorts in your car so you can be sure that you and your car are safe at all times and have proof of what happened whenever an accident may occur, so you can be sure that your not going to be in over your head about who crashed into who.

In fact, a lot of people use 4G dashcams, like from Rewire Security, because they’re super reliable. If you’d like to learn more about 4G dashcams, then continue reading this article.

What Are 4G Dashcams?

A 4G dashcam is a type of remote camera, without a wireless connection, that you can put in your vehicle that basically provides live stream or recorded footage directly to your chosen device.

A lot of people use these devices, including police officers and government officials, to help with their report filing and to give accurate descriptions of events that may have occurred. You don’t even have to be an officer of the law to use these types of devices, you can be a regular person, such as an uber driver, taxi, or even a parent.

Do 4G Dashcams Drain Car BatteryA lot of businesses and overall companies that sell 4G dashcams to users provide them with an app, so you’re able to use the device easier and have a place for the footage to be stored. This storage option is often kept through a monthly subscription.

Some 4G dashcams even provide impact and any type of collision detection, thanks to AI and algorithms included in them, that are able to detect anything and everything during your driving time in the vehicle. Any incident videos that are recorded are uploaded automatically to the cloud storage device.

Do 4G Dashcams Drain Car Battery?

Now, in terms of 4G dashcams and whether or not they drain car batteries, it depends on the type of dashcam you purchase, where it’s from, and whether or not it even connects to the car’s battery in the first place.

Unfortunately, a lot of 4G dashcams do connect to car batteries in order to operate, which means they do drain the car’s battery, but it does take a long time. Compared to how much power is drained from the car itself, the dash cam is truly minuscule and barely affects the lifespan of the battery at all.

Do 4G Dashcams Drain Car BatteryWhile turned on, the 4G dashcam uses around 60 milliamps of power, including when it’s charging and or recording. When it’s turned off or in standby mode, it takes about 10-20 milliamps.

If the 4G dashcam is connected to specifically a dash cam battery, then the car battery will not be affected whatsoever. This can be really helpful if you’re a big stressor about your car battery and how much it has left.

How Much Do 4G Dashcams Cost?

The price of a 4G dashcam can be different and vary depending on the business you purchase them from, the location, the quality of the camera, the ability to upload and download videos, live streaming, and more.

A lot of businesses that offer 4G dashcams to users provide packaged deals included, also known as a subscription. This is where they’re able to ensure that your data is always being protected, with a variety of different benefits included.

How Much Do 4G Dashcams CostThese subscriptions usually cost between £100 to £120 for 12 months and up to £240 for 24 months. depending on which one you choose, and the number of benefits that it has, as well as the upfront payment or monthly option, will change the price drastically.

Despite how much they might cost, they are definitely worth it because they have the ability to be used on any type of automobile, including vans, trucks, minivans, etc.

The Best 4G Dashcam You Can Buy

There are many excellent 4G dashcams available in the UK market, but some of the top options are:

  1. Thinkware U1000
  2. BlackVue DR900X-2CH
  3. Nextbase 622GW
  4. Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Ultimately, the best 4G dashcam for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, these four options are all excellent choices and offer a range of advanced features and capabilities.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people use 4G dashcams, like from Rewire Security, in order to provide drivers with more safety when on the road. This is particularly so when a motorcycle accident or car accident has occurred.

It’s definitely worth getting a 4G dashcam, they can truly be a savior for a lot of reasons, especially when you’re on the road a lot.


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