Eyewear companies cashing in on pandemic screen time – Best Blue Light Glasses

Eyewear Companies Cashing in on Pandemic screen time

As the economies are daring to reopen now, digital media is going to be a crucial part of our backup strategy in case we get to see another lockdown. While the digital innovations gave us positive outcomes, there was one major concern among the ophthalmologists – screen time. The brands saw this as a perfect opportunity to advocate the use of blue light glasses. While the jury is still out on the long-term benefits of these glasses, they claim to improve sleep quality and reduce eye strain. No matter what you think, the sales of blue light glasses have soared up ever since the pandemic and are seeing no signs of slowing down.

Screen time: Why are people concerned?

When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred and governments all over the world decided to shut economies. Companies adopted work-from-home culture, schools and colleges approached e-learning to ensure some form of continuity.

While it helped people and businesses all over the world, it led to one big problem – it increased our screen time. For those of you who don’t know, digital screens emit blue light which is believed to be bad for your eyes. Thus, an increase in screen time gave rise to a number of eye problems among people.

Common visual symptoms such as eye pain, blurry vision, and headaches were reported all across the world. And as it turned out, digital screens were to be blamed. Eyewear companies such as Specscart came forward to address this modern problem of the digital world. They manufacture good-quality blue light glasses to help people to combat all that screen time.

What is blue light glass and what does it do?

Blue light is one of the colored lights and is naturally present in the sunlight. It’s not that blue light wasn’t a problem before. But, now that we are dedicating all of our screen time to our beloved devices, the problem known as digital eye strain has become more and more common.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light does everything to make it tough for your eyes. For instance, the short wavelengths of blue light scatter easily. Thus, when you are staring at a screen, your eyes won’t be able to focus as easily as they would if you were reading a book. This is why ophthalmologists recommend using the best blue light glasses. These glasses have anti-blue light filters on the lenses that block the blue waves and

1. Dry eyes

When our eyes are locked on the screen, our blinking rate goes low and we are left with dry eyes. It refers to a problem where the tear ducts in your eye become incapable of producing sufficient tears to keep the surface lubricated. Make sure you blink your eyes often when you are working on a digital device. Also, drink water to keep your body hydrated from within.

2. Digital eye strain

Eye Strain

The blue light is not focused on the screen. Thus, your eyes will work hard to read the words where contrast is low. This in turn puts more pressure on your ocular muscles and your eyes start to get tired within one or two hours of screen time. This problem is known as digital eye strain which is always accompanied by symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, and eye pain.

While these symptoms go away when you give your eyes some rest, they are highly uncomfortable and get in the way of your well-being. If you also spend a lot of screen time every day and need glasses to prevent digital eye strain, buy blue light glasses from online retailers who provide next-day delivery for glasses. You may even add your prescription to the lenses and turn them into prescription blue light glasses.

3. Poor sleep quality

Reglaze Glasses

Blue light interferes with the release of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that makes you feel sleepy. So, when you blast your eyes with bright screen light in the evening or at night, it messes with your internal clock and you become unable to get proper sleep. Blue light glasses help you enjoy screen time while ensuring both the quality and quantity of your sleep. Whether you want to buy a new pair of blue light glasses or reglaze glasses that you already have, you can get it all done without stepping out of your home.


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