Creating an Inspiring Office – Frames, Plants, and More


Whether you are sitting in a home office or in a classic cubicle, making an office space that you actually want to be in is key to enhancing your working experience. If seeing your working space gives you a little bit of a smile, it might change your attitude to a long working day at least by a little bit. Read on to learn how to achieve it. 

Creating an Inspiring Office

Frame your motivation

A fun and simple way you can add some colour, attitude, and atmosphere to your office space is by adding some wall art. The possibilities for wall art are endless. A single bold poster speaks a loud message. If you want a collage of wall art, using durable and varyingly bold frames can help you build a message.

Creating an Inspiring Office - Frame your motivationThe wall art’s content and motif is up to you: perhaps you’re interested in a poster of your business logo, or a calming landscape, or why not print out your aspirations and goals in a pretty font?

Invest in stationary

For many, the desk supplies might consist of a variety of colours and quality. However, investing in a good, matching stationary set is bound to make them more fun to use. There are several stationary shops, both physical and virtual, where you can find stationary in any style.

Stationary is often durable, so an investment now can last you a lifetime. If you dislike a style, stationary can also easily be re-dressed with a coat of liquid or spray paint.

Improve your air quality

As a business owner you should concern about your employee health and safety. When you stay cooped up in an office space for too long, the air quality tends to decrease. The indoor air quality can affect a person’s health, comfort, and ability to work productively. The air quality is affected by dust levels, chemical pollutants, and mold and mildew. There are a few ways to combat and prevent poor air quality in order to create a better work place.

Improve your air qualityAn easy fix is having regular cleaning sessions if you aren’t already. Make sure to look especially behind computers and in corners. Focus on using eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents as well. You can also invest in air-cleaning devices such as humidifiers or purifiers. A third option, which we will go into more detail about below, is to bring in some potted plants.

Greenify your space

Bringing plants into your office space can make it feel more homely, but there are also several health benefits to adding greenery. As mentioned above, plants – green ones in particular – can aid in increasing the air quality. They do so by absorbing toxins in the air and converting them, together with carbon dioxide, into fresh oxygen for your usage.

Plants are also known to have a calming effect, especially if the plants are touched and tended to. Studies have shown that plants can help increase motivation, creativity and productivity as well as reduce stress. What effects could be better for a working environments?


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