Design a Modern Office to Boost Employee Productivity

Design a Modern Office to Boost Employee Productivity

Productivity has been one of the most discussed subjects, at least since the pandemic. Although some businesses consider their productivity rates went through the roof during the lockdown, statistics show us something else. Studies proved that productivity has decreased, even though the amount of worked hours has increased by 4.8 per cent. That’s because people felt more comfortable at home and were either prone to procrastination or had other tasks, especially if they had to take care of their families.

But the falling productivity trend is still ongoing due to a lack of worker engagement and poor management decisions. The world has changed so much in the past decades that traditional management is ineffective and should be changed with something appropriate. Employees need to have their needs met, which is why you, as a business, must provide better company culture, engagement, and, finally, a proper workspace. Here’s how you can achieve it.

4 Tips to Design a Modern Office to Boost Employee Productivity

1. Add more ergonomic furniture

Although working inside an office can be one of the safest jobs, it also has risks. Sitting too much on a chair or having poor posture can lead to obesity and health conditions such as increased blood pressure and high blood sugar. Therefore, you can provide your employees with ergonomic furniture pieces that allow them to have a proper posture at the desk and stand from time to time instead of sitting while doing their work.

Some of these products include the following:
● A desk sit/stand that can be extended to a person’s eye level when standing. This can encourage your employees stretch their legs from time to time;
● Good lights are essential because they can help avoid eye straining and other related health issues;
● Chairs that offer back support are adjustable and allow movement. Make sure the chairs have armrests;
● Provide proper desktops, preferably as bigger as the spaces allow, because they can improve the way employees do their tasks;
● Make sure the desk has an ergonomic mouse and keyboard so that hand movement is limited;

2. Create break-out spaces

Create break-out spaces

Nowadays, the way we perceive offices is totally different from years ago. Especially if you intend to hire Gen Z or generally younger people, you’ll see that a black-and-white office where they can’t feel inspired will only lower their productivity rates. Therefore, you need to make the office as enjoyable as possible with break-out spaces.

These break-out spaces can be, at the very least, a place for eating lunch and chilling, but you can take that to another level. You have the freedom to design such a room however you like. For example, Google has the most entertaining and colourful break-out rooms to inspire employees and increase their productivity. Green, orange and red are the best tones you can choose for your office, so make sure you design it as happily as possible.

At the same time, kitchens should be prioritised too. A bright kitchen can help boost people’s moods, as well as make them feel comfortable. So, solid wood units painted in colourful tones and botanicals, as well as enough lighting, will change the whole vibe of the office.
Some interesting furniture pieces for the break-out spaces include anything that looks out of the ordinary. Rounded chairs, coffee tables, weirdly designed cabinets and unique suspension lights can make the most out of the office space and allow employees to get inspired.

3. Try mood-boosting elements

Try mood-boosting elements

If you’re feeling fancy or want to change your approach, you can research mood-boosting elements that are perfect for office spaces. You can even brainstorm with your teammates and ask them what small things could bring some comfort and relaxation while working.

For example, many consider plants an excellent design tip, as well as a means to purify the air inside the building; some plants are known to have this property. Still, you can choose any type of plant, be it a flower or a small tree, that can transform your office into a chill space. Others would prefer scented candles, but you need to make sure other employees are not bothered by the smell.

You can also get unusual art pieces and place them around the office. You can find many unique design pieces online that can encourage creativity. Or, choose to go with the classics, as you can never go wrong with that, and hang some Rothko around the office and even O’Keeffe.

Finally, having specially-designed places for privacy and collaboration might help your teammates work on a more special project unbothered by the mess usually created in offices. These rooms are typically designated for individual work, but they’ll pay off when you have challenging tasks to tackle.

4. Be more organised

Be more organised

The most prominent design tip that can change the whole office is organisation. A clean and adequate office will always beat any colourful and sophisticatedly designed space. That’s because neatness not only maintains your employees in good health but is also an essential factor in their productivity. A cluttered office can increase stress and dissatisfaction, interfering with employee morale.

Therefore, besides programming regular office cleaning, you also need to learn how to keep the place in good condition. That means, of course, having this feature embedded in your company’s working culture, which means choosing people that prioritise cleanliness and organisation.

For example, you can have posters around the office on the correct way to recycle waste, which is essential to keep the place clean. Or, you can put up signs with tips regarding maintaining uncluttered desks, such as taking all unused cups to the sink as soon as people finish their drinks or avoiding letting useless paper lay around. Being organised also means practising accountability because you and your employees must be aware of the clutter produced and try to minimise it so everyone can work in a dynamic space.

Final thoughts

You can design the office of your dreams while boosting employee team productivity. As mundane and boring offices are less likely to inspire people, companies need to provide more colourful, ergonomic and fun spaces so that workers can feel inspired and maintain high productivity levels.


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