The Future of Cosmetics Packaging – Trends to Follow

The Future of Cosmetics Packaging - Trends to Follow

In an industry, such as cosmetics, where flashy designs and packaging made with an unnecessary amount of material just to impress, it may be hard to imagine that sustainable cosmetics packaging will take the spotlight. The reality, however, proves it possible.

Humanity has grown wiser, as the environment is crying for responsibility and action. Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to sustainability and making it a top priority.

Customers are also starting to build higher standards towards companies in terms of sustainable production and environmental preservation. They make environmentally conscious choices each day in everything they do, and when they go to the store, they reach towards those products, whose packaging clearly says “eco-friendly”.

What are the Tendencies in Cosmetics Packaging?

Packaging is one of the ways a brand can differentiate itself from the rest and become recognizable among customers. The cosmetics box is what tells customers what product they should expect, and in a way tells a message.

What are the Tendencies in Cosmetics PackagingThe way you approach design is crucial for the way that your brand is going to be perceived. Therefore, being updated about the trends in cosmetics packaging is paramount if you want to stand out and be remembered.

It clearly looks like the future of cosmetics packaging is aimed at sustainability and environmental preservation. Companies like offer such cosmetics packaging boxes that live up to the highest standards of our contemporary world.

Below you can read in more detail about this tendency and be up to date.


Individual people’s actions have a collective result, so if everyone makes eco-friendly decisions, it would have a positive impact on the environment’s state. However, if companies do not also change their policies, the effect of the actions of individual people won’t be enough.

The industry is the greater pollutant of the environment, so nowadays more and more brands are changing the way they do things. These days brands can get customized eco-friendly cosmetics boxes for their products from companies like

The tendency for cosmetic brands is to use recyclable packaging, which is completely biodegradable with the great objective to minimize their carbon footprint and decrease the environmental pollution.

SustainabilityLook around and you will see these trends everywhere – on social media and in physical stores, sustainability is key in cosmetics production.

Customers now have higher standards when it comes to environmental preservation and they judge companies by their level of sustainability. Therefore, following the tendency for eco-friendly packaging will significantly boost your brand image and help build the customers’ trust.

When you choose eco-friendly packaging, there will be a certain logo on the box that will allow customers to see that you take responsibility for preserving the environment.

Cardboard is In

Paper or cardboard is a great example of a material that is completely recyclable and harmless for the environment, since it’s made from all-natural materials. Even if you don’t recycle the cosmetics box, like a skincare packaging box, it is still completely biodegradable.

Cardboard is InThat is why nowadays more companies offer their products in boxes made of a special type of cardboard, which provides the protection that is necessary during logistics. Not all paper boxes are fully recyclable because some processes include technologies that make them unfit for recycling.

The boxes you choose to pack and ship your cosmetic products should be made from that type of cardboard, which is completely biodegradable if you want to really follow the trend. These boxes are also much more compact and lighter since they are made with less material, which allows for lower shipping costs.

Less is More

The beauty industry is built on aesthetics. It’s what attracts customers, and the quality packaging is an important part of that attraction.

However, the tendency today leans toward simplicity in design. As more people are realizing how endangered the environment actually is and that its state is growing worse, they are making wiser decisions and choosing sustainability over aesthetics.

Simplicity and minimalism actually have an aesthetic of their own, which is appealing to many customers. Nowadays, you should be smart with the design instead of aiming to make it flashy.

Less is MoreThere is a great advantage to cardboard cosmetics packaging, such as the one that can be found on, and it’s the fact that it’s highly customizable. It could be consistent with your brand identity, and even when it’s minimalist, it can still be unique and captivating.

When the design of the package is too complicated, the information might become hard to understand, which is a barrier in front of customer satisfaction. They might end up choosing a different brand, who is clear about the characteristics of its product.

That’s another reason why brands today are aiming at simplicity in the design with information that is delivered in an understandable manner and a package that delivers a message. More often brands are choosing muted nude colors and simple designs for the print.



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