Eco-Friendly Packaging – Why do more and more Businesses use it?

Eco-Friendly Packaging - Why do more and more Businesses use it

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is at its peak in the recent few years. And to be honest, the dusk of traditional and plastic packaging seems closer than ever. There are many factors that influence the massive interest in environmentally-conscious packaging solutions. The packaging professionals from Pakclion will talk about them in this article.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is packaging made of renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials that have minimal or no negative effect on the environment throughout their whole lifecycle. In addition, eco-friendly packaging is usually lightweight for easy transportation and could be collapsable to save space. Its high durability and protective qualities are competitive with traditional plastic alternatives.

Some of the advantages of eco-friendly packaging are:

  • Ethical sourcing and natural contents
  • Minimal use of water and energy for manufacturing
  • Reduction of toxic emissions and lower carbon footprint
  • Reduction of long-term waste accumulation that causes land, water, and air pollution
  • Packaging can be recycled, composted, and disposed of
  • Health safety and high protection for products
  • Low transportation costs and seamless storage
  • Easy customization and compatibility with various printing methods

Depending on the type of material and the processing technique, some packaging could also be edible or compostable (if so, there should be an indication on the packaging). It is also important to find a trustworthy and top quality packaging supplier like Packlion that already implements eco-friendly practices and can easily meet all your sustainability goals.

Why do businesses shift to eco-friendly packaging?

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

The first reason why so many businesses from all fields and industries are shifting from the use of plastic packaging to sustainable materials is social responsibility. Small businesses and large corporations want to make a difference and do their part to save the planet and create a better world.

After all, the effects of traditional material sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and other internal processes are often detrimental to the environment, as they lead to waste accumulation, long-term pollution, toxic gas emissions, and worsen the problem of climate change.

Compared to polystyrene packaging, eco-friendly business solutions turn these negatives around. How? By vastly reducing packaging waste, inspiring recycling and composting, lowering the carbon footprint, and neutralizing any negative effects on nature.

Being socially responsible, caring about the environment, and wanting to reduce their eco-footprint helps brands build a stable eco-friendly reputation. Additionally, it attracts new prospects and inspires client loyalty.

The demand from the retailers

The next thing that makes companies reconsider their packaging solutions is the high demand from retailers. Some of the largest retailers in the world are looking forward to enhancing sustainability in packaging and they are expecting product brands to match their expectations. The reason for these demands is to have a bigger influence on the way climate change and excessive plastic pollution play out for the world in the next few years.

The demand from the clients

Let’s not forget that the clients also demand a change in traditional packaging practices. The sustainability of the products and their packaging has become such a huge decision-making factor that going green no longer attracts just environmental activists. Eco-friendly packaging also allures healthy living individuals and regular people who want to make small but consistent changes to create a better world.

In addition, more and more people are becoming aware their purchase decisions have a direct effect on their health and welfare, as well as the well-being of wildlife and the environment. And they just want to put their trust and money in brands that care about that and share the same eco-conscious values.

Reduction of carbon footprint

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

We already mentioned how sustainable packaging helps reduce the carbon footprint. But this advantage is so important that it deserves its spotlight moment! With eco-friendly packaging, you diminish your brand’s emissions during the processes of material sourcing, production, and especially transportation.

Decreasing carbon footprint is probably the best thing companies can do for the environment because it takes down pollution levels and slows down the negative effect of global warming and climate change.


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