Level Up The Game – Gifting Ideas For The 17-Year-Old Gamer Boy

Level Up The Game - Gifting Ideas For The 17-Year-Old Gamer Boy

It can be challenging and exhilarating to navigate the world of gifting for a 17-year-old gamer boy. Their avid passion for gaming means you must find thoughtful gifts aligned with their interests, such as gaming peripherals, the latest gaming tech, merchandise from their favourite gaming titles, etc.

To help you make the right gift-giving decisions, this guide outlines some of the most exciting gifts for boys that acknowledge their immense passion and love for gaming. With these gifts, you can elevate their gaming experience.

Gifting Ideas For The 17-Year-Old Gamer Boy

1. Gaming Lapboard

Gaming LapboardMany PC gamers enjoy cuddling up on their couch instead of hunching over their desk. Such gamers would love a gaming lapboard. You can look for a lapboard with a USB 3.0 hub, so gamers can plug in their keyboard, mouse and headset for an immersive gaming experience without moving from their couch.

2. Gaming Subscription Services

Gaming subscription services are an excellent gift idea for a teen gamer boy. If your gift recipient is a mobile gamer, you can purchase a subscription to Apple Arcade. This service offers high-quality games and a streamlined experience compared to regular games that one will find in the App Store.

If the recipient enjoys playing Xbox games, you can purchase an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and give it to the teen. This is a video game subscription service providing access to hundreds of games and discounts on future games released. Additionally, it offers Xbox Live Gold membership, which allows gamers to play online games against other real-life opponents.

Since PlayStation is one of the leading gaming brands, you cannot forget about purchasing a service for PlayStation. You can purchase a PS Plus Membership so the teen will have access to new games each month and can even play online against friends and other opponents. However, this subscription doesn’t allow the subscribers to stream games on their phone or gaming laptop like the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Before choosing the subscription service, consider the games the recipient enjoys playing and the platforms.

3. Game Consoles

Game ConsolesThe teen gamer will thank you and appreciate it if you give him a robust gaming system. Some of the popular consoles are Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, etc.

4. Game Controllers 

Game controllers are input or output devices used with video games to provide input to a video game. A high-end controller can improve the gaming experience.

If the gift recipient plays games on his iPhone, consider purchasing the Backbone One controller. It is specifically made for the iPhone. The controller doesn’t require Bluetooth to function, and the setup is straightforward. It also offers portability that turns gaming on iPhone into a first-class experience.

If the gift recipient owns a Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will make for an excellent gift. As for Xbox, you can get the PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers. This controller lets users easily connect their phone to an Xbox wireless controller.

5. Headsets

HeadsetsWireless gaming headsets are a must-have in a gamer’s arsenal. Ensure the gaming headset is comfortable and offers immersive sound. It would be best if the headset came with a microphone so it is easier to connect with team members or interact with opponents during multiplayer games online.

6. Wi-Fi Router

It is instrumental for gamers competing online to have a flawless and fast Internet connection. This makes a Wi-Fi router an incredibly thoughtful gift for avid gamers. Choose a router that is easy to set up, such as the Eero 6+ mesh router. This unit can be used with over 70 connected devices and offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The router covers up to 1,500 square feet of space.

If the teen lives in a large home and enjoys playing games while walking or doing other activities, you can gift two to three units of this router.

7. Portable Gaming Monitor

Portable Gaming MonitorGifting a portable gaming monitor means encouraging the recipient to experience and enjoy high-performance, immersive gaming anywhere, anytime. Check the monitor’s specifications to find out if it supports HD resolution and is compatible with laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones.

8. Merchandise From Their Favourite Titles

Video game merchandise includes a wide range of items. If you know the recipient’s favourite titles, you can search for exclusive merchandise from the game developer.

For instance, Fortnite players would enjoy Fortnite Gamer Dog Tag, Fortnite Apparel and other collectables. Similarly, you can find merchandise and collectables from other titles, such as Among Us, God of War Ragnorak, Contra, etc.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for a 17-year-old gamer boy is about tapping into their passion and choosing items offering a personalised gaming experience. You can select items that offer them comfort, enhance their gameplay or celebrate their most-loved gaming titles.


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