How to Boost Your Marketing Return on Investment With Social Media Strategies?

How to Boost Your Marketing Return on Investment With Social Media Strategies

Call tracking is an excellent marketing analytics tool for improving several areas of your marketing – one of which is your social media strategies.

Using the intricate data and insights from the software, you can drive your return on investment from your social media marketing strategies to new heights.

Read on to find out how call tracking can give you a welcome boost in the social media marketing landscape.

How to boost your marketing return on investment with social media strategies?

Measure your data accurately

Effective monitoring with data-driven technology is the foundation of any great social media marketing tactic. If you want to achieve a sufficient return on investment from your social media marketing, you need to have an accurate way of measuring performance.

Measure your data accuratelyCall tracking software UK can provide insights into the levels of engagement from each of your social media activities. This includes the number of calls generated from each campaign and how many leads go on to make a purchase, among other things.

This visibility is key for helping you adjust your strategies, whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or increase sales.

Create engaging content for your campaigns

Call tracking software can also help you create the most engaging content for your social media campaigns that resonate with your customers and their needs.

An important part of your social media activities is being able to grab customers’ attention with the right content. Call tracking can reveal certain insights into customer behaviours to show the type of content they engage with most.

For instance, you might find that when the post includes a compelling call to action, there is an increase in the number of customers who follow a link on your Facebook page to your website and then call.

This can highlight a preference your customers may have, so you can structure more of your social media activities to include these proven strategies.

Utilise social media advertising

Paid advertising can also be an essential part of your social media marketing, which is why you need call tracking to ensure the right structure for your ads.

Utilise social media advertisingThe software will show the number of conversions being generated from each of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, as well as the specific touchpoints each visitor interacts with during the remainder of their journey.

This can help you know which ads are most successful, and which ones deserve more of your resources. As a result, you’ll have a more rewarding structure for your PPC ads and can increase your return on investment.

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Social media marketing can be a great way to cement customer loyalty and retention, especially when using expert call-tracking software.

Using the software, you can discover key insights about your existing customers’ needs. For example, seeing the specific type of campaigns they engage with most. Or, you could use speech analytics to identify certain keywords and common queries they have during phone conversations.

With this information, you can create new social media campaigns that directly address the needs of your existing customers in the content – e.g., posts explaining any common FAQs, how-to videos for the products, etc.

This will help maintain a strong relationship with your customer community and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Whether it’s to enhance your campaign content or drive customer loyalty, implement call tracking software into your business to enhance your social media marketing strategies. Contact an expert provider now to get your software installed.


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