How Commercial Buildings Can Be More Energy Efficient?

How Commercial Buildings Can Be More Energy Efficient

In this day and age, we have recognized the importance of energy efficiency and going green. Commercial buildings use a large amount of energy, and being more efficient with their energy will not only result in lower utility bills but will also be better for the environment and the property value down the line. Here is a small guide on how commercial buildings can be more energy efficient!

Use Better Insulation

Use better insulationInsulation is imperative as it provides resistance to heat coming in and out of the building. It has the capacity to lower heating and cooling costs and make the atmosphere inside the building more comfortable. A good insulation system makes a building as airtight as possible.

You can use high-performance insulation materials and traditional insulation systems. Just make sure you add extra insulating layers and reduce as many air gaps as possible. Just think of all the energy and money you will save as your heating and cooling costs will shrink!

Make Use of Technology

Make use of technologyUsing technological systems can really help you become efficient. IoT systems, automation systems, robotic system and advanced analytical systems have the ability to help businesses manage their consumption. We live in a world that is so technologically advanced that these above-mentioned systems can be linked with different types of sensors and actuators.

Information about light, temperature, water usage, air pressure, and much more can be detected by these systems, and the ideal conditions can be set in order to not waste energy. Data can now be used for predictive modeling, which increases productivity and has the potential for high savings. This also allows you to have a business energy efficiency guide.

Good Ventilation System

Good ventilation systemIt is mentioned above that the building should be as airtight as possible, but that means that the ventilation system needs to be excellent. A decent ventilation system maintains good air quality and prevents excessive humidity within the system. In summers, you would want to cool the air that is coming inside your building, while in winters, you would use heat recovery ventilators that maintain heat within the building. A good ventilation system can really save excessive energy, so don’t skimp out!


LightingCommercial buildings are much bigger than your average home, which means that they need more lighting. In fact, lighting is one of the biggest energy costs in any commercial building. You should always use LED lights as compared to incandescent lights. This allows you to save up to 75%, as LED lights are way more cost-effective.  You can also use sensors and actuators, which sense when there is no one in a specific room and shut off.

Cut Down Fossil Fuel Use

Fossil fuels are not only bad for the environment, but they are finite in amount, and their market value is always changing. It is way more sensible to stop dependency on them by using renewable energy resources, which can be extremely cost-effective in comparison and better for the environment. Popular forms of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy, and water harvesting energy.

Making your commercial building energy efficient is a very smart move in today’s world. Not only are you helping people around you, but you’re also making great financial and fiscal decisions.


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