What is Blogging? – How to Create & Write a Blog?

what is blogging
what is blogging


‘Blogging’ is the term on every netizen’s lips. ‘Blogging’ is advanced journal keeping. ‘Blogging’ is an open-source opinion-experienced platform. ‘Blogging is a verb that has a purpose with action. ‘Blogging’ cannot be expressed in a narrowed down, confined representation of what a wide expanse it holds. It can even be arguably called the art of today, which, just like paintings and artifacts of previous centuries, will be a part of history and preservation.

Do you remember those diary entries we wrote in school (or still do if you are in school and your curriculum hasn’t changed), where we expressed our thoughts on how the day was? Yes, those broken sentences with an amateur taste, add to those a more mature version of yourself and how you express your opinion on a matter you came across in your life.

And there you have it; a ‘Blog comes to life. The action of doing it regularly, with responsibility in the society you live in, and adhering to certain ethical norms is called Blogging.’


In life, we all cross paths with specific life opportunities or moments that are common to a majority of the audience—for example, cracking a competitive exam or getting admission to college. Though the timelines are the same, the opinion of all persons on the point or their thought process according to their age and experience doesn’t need to be the same. Hence a difference in opinion. This is one aspect. Note this in your mind.

Why Is Blogging Gaining Rapid Popularity

The other aspect is that the Internet has spread its web even in the tiniest crevices in this world. There are hardly any places where an internet connection is not available. This makes it the most viewed, read, understood, and debatable platform in all of history. Even a’s, an’s, and the’s are under scrutiny when posted for public viewing. Combining both the aspects, a point expresses by one individual is read, evaluated, and shared with millions of people, among which those who relate give their side of the story making you believe that if you feel a certain way, you are not alone in this world to feel so

Why Is Blogging Gaining Rapid Popularity

Similarly, if there is a conflict of interest, without attacking the integrity of the person, both parties; the one who expressed and the one who read, can come to a middle ground where they respect each other’s opinions, and no negativity makes way into their lives. Now, to answer your question of why blogging is gaining rapid recognition, it is because the current world’s topmost factors – the internet, with its vast reach and the freedom of expression have combined. This combination is what the previous worlds wished for, and that we have it now, who would want to let go of such an opportunity? Exchanging angles on the same topic, additions to your pros and cons list, votes, polls, FAQs; all these factors are a major contributing factor to the popularity too.


How is a blog helpful

Relatability is innate to human beings. It’s a very easy-to-understand concept. Let’s see why. You visit a new place and wish to make friends there. It’s evident that to make the first move; you will need to have common likes or dislikes to ignite the spark of conversation. If you like video games, you will feel skeptical about befriending someone interested in chemistry, right? I rest my case. When you feel relatable to someone, you gain confidence in approaching them, talking to them, and that’s how a long-term relationship is formed.

How is a Blog helpful

To put it in perspective, a blog is helpful with its high relatability attribute. A community with like minds and aims is more productive and progressive, which are significant attributes of a bettering world. A blog community is a tiny yet powerful part of it. You may argue that not all blogs are up to mark, verified, or share the best of information, but look at the brighter side; the ones that are positive, hope-filled, and top-notch in providing information will negate the effects of not-so-great blogs. And this attitude is what is needed in the blogging world.


Let’s go more in-depth into the blogging world with, what does a blog represent?

What does a Blog Represent

Blogs are of many different types with sub-varieties and formal or informal write-ups. Some are at the core a stage for budding entrepreneurs with their start-up businesses, while others are a dais for marketing through information-providing on products. From a business-minded blogger’s perspective, aside from the philosophical side of it, to put in a few compact points, blogs are helpful in:

Brand Advertisement

Brand advertisement

Gaining Customers/Users/Fans

Being part of like-minded community individuals

Understanding New Concepts

Understanding new concepts


Money Making

Sharing The Process, From Rags To Riches

Sharing the process, from rags to riches

Being Part of Like-Minded Community Individuals

Being part of like minded community individuals

Another example of a blog could be a blog, where the blogger reads a book and expresses their opinion on the good, bad, and ugly. Not at the same level of business-mindedness as digital marketing blogs, but it does hold its own. However, it is important to note that book blogging and book reviewing are cousins but not identical twins, meaning the fundamentals are the same, with the difference in voicing mode.


What is the General Structure of a Blog

An idea needs a mold or structure to be represented in the best manner possible. You cannot simply write a few words with clumsy pictures to go with it. We are talking about the internet, a nation that will have your expressions stored in it forever. So proper plan must be hatched, and you must follow guidelines/steps with strict adherence if you want your plan catapulted to high rankings and considerations. In the page designing part of blogging, the heading must be placed at the top of the page, in clear font and view—first impression matters. The main content topics in the order of latest uploads, or the topics read, shared, liked, commented, or shared upon the most, should be at the center of the page, where the most eye-view is registered.

General Structure Of A Blog

The arms or the side lengths of the blog should be like speed-dial options—shortcuts to the most important topics on the blog. Lastly, the bottom. This is the spot to which the reader arrives when completing the browsing of the blog page. They look for contact to maintain continuity or connection with the blog, so it’s best to put contact info, social media handles, or other correspondence links. A blog must not resemble a website. Meaning, a blog should be revised every few days to add the latest developments (if any) regarding the topic and should also be recent in its facts and figures to avoid misleadings.

Is Maintaining A Personal Blog Beneficial


A Personal Blog resembles closely to a personal diary. It records the journey of what you were, are, and will be. It is literally and figuratively a summary of you. The decision to maintain a personal blog, of course, lies solely in your hands. But let me jot down a few points that may help you to tip off the final verdict. Maintaining a personal blog is beneficial because it records opinions on certain aspects of your life. And, when you look back, you can note the difference; additions or substractions, to what you thought of it before and how far you have come.

It gives you the result of personal growth and personality development. Moreover, if you turn your personal blog for public viewing, all your readers take notes, do not repeat the mistakes you made, and even be inspired by your journey to leap forward and fulfill their part of the greater good. Self-motivation is another thing you gain from maintaining a personal blog. Each day, each account you write will give you a progressive record of what you have learned so far and what is left to be learned.

Is Maintaining A Personal Blog Beneficial

Money-making. A lesser-known yet very impactful positive or maintaining a personal blog. This is, of course, a more business-minded benefit, nevertheless is important for gaining readers and sharers. It does not require you to turn into an advertising agency for the product you are writing a blog for. Simply write about the product in its true sense, and if a purchase is made through your blog, you get a portion of the profit. A fantastic by-product of the reaction you write.


What Is The Connection Between A Blog And A Website

Like Hyperlinks; shortcuts, or on-click-away-to-reach-website, similar is the connection between a blog and a website. Let us look at an analogy to understand the connection better. For instance, you look at a hoarding that displays a bike’s launch, its specific, cost and other such many features of it, and you wish to look at what the public has to say about it. Naturally, you will look for reviews.

But, it is very much possible that the reviews may be dated or are not well-rounded up. The next step is reading blogs reading relating to it. A blog will give the latest specs, multiperson opinion, why a certain pro is a pro and con is a con; all of which are not found in reviews. Hence the connection between a blog and a website.


Here’s a step by step breakdown on how to create a blog –

Here’s a step by step breakdown on how to create a blog –

Step 1: Begin by visiting the web link – https://www.seekahost.app/

Step 2: Next, the usual Sign-up and Registration as any other website by simply clicking on the link provided – https://portal.seekahost.app/register.

Fill in your particulars. In the end, check the tick box for ‘I agree with the terms and policy.’

Step 3: Log in to continue with the initializing process. Visit the link – https://portal.seekahost.app/login

Step 4: Now, the next step requires you to select a domain. A domain is the dot extension of your blog. Some of the examples are – .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, etc.

Step 5: This step needs you to buy a WordPress Website hosting plan. There are different plans with different payments available. Suit yourself with the one that you will have no issue paying regularly.

Also to note is, a personal blog WordPress payment amount will differ from a business blog WordPress account. So be careful in selecting the payment type when paying the necessary amount.

Step 6: We are halfway through. The next step is web hosting your domain.

For the hosting, you will need to install WordPress to your domain name using 1-click WordPress Installer. Using this mediator will ease the installation process.

Step 7: In this step, you have the liberty to change your name server if you wish to choose/change your domain registry. For example, you can change your business to a personal blog and vis-a-vis.

Step 8: Safety is vital to secure your blog posts from copywriting, plagiarism, and other infringement acts. Therefore, activate your free SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure your content is yours only.

Another added advantage to obtaining an SSL Certificate is, it makes your blogs SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

Step 9: The penultimate step is visiting and logging in to your newly formed WordPress site.

Step 10: Finally, use your Username and Password to access the dashboard and blog away!

Blogging 1
Blogging 2
Blogging 3
Blogging 4


How to Start Writing a Blog

To begin with, an eye-catching, first-glance-gripping heading is in order. Think creatively, think out of the box, and most of all, think, ‘if I come across this blog, will it interest me to the level where I click on it or continue reading it?’, and there you will have your heading. Next, the actual content of the topic is to be discussed. It is good that you express your opinion on the matter at hand, but it would be great if you do so by maintaining an impartial and unbiased judgment.

You should write what the topics’ about in truth, both the good and the bad. You should avoid leaning or rather making the reader lean towards a particular side. In the end, it should be their original take on things. The conclusion should be a short, crisp summary of the topic you are writing about. No roundabouts, no fillers.


Everything begins with the first step you take, and that first step is a crucial success determining step of your journey. What is blogging and how to create a blog and start writing are the same. You need to learn to balance smart and hard work in starting up the process, understand what is needed/required, and fulfill it accordingly. Rest all, leave it to your talent and sincerity. Wishing you all the mind-blogging success in this world!.


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