How to Select a Domain Name for your Website?


As a business owner, it is important to promote your business online. A business with an online presence has reached its fame and a business website can increase brand awareness and sales. The website should be more professional, and it should be user-friendly because many people will visit your site and visitors will be converted into customers in a short time. To create a website, you should select a perfect and well-balanced domain name. The domain name should be easy to identify, it should display your brand and business. In this article, we will discuss how to select a domain name for your website.

Why Domain Name is important?

A domain name acts as both the website name and the URL of your business website. It is the first impression of any of the websites, by which users can identify your business or brand. A domain name can increase the SEO ranking of the website directly if it contains a keyword with less difficulty and high search volume. It is the reputation of your brand; a perfect domain name will increase brand awareness among the people.

How to Select a Domain Name for your Website?

Above are some of the common and simple reasons for the importance of domain names. Here we will discuss some of the steps on how to select a domain name for your websites.

  • Choose the Right Extension
  • Brandable
  • Easy to Type and Pronounce
  • Avoid Symbols and Numbers
  • Search for Keyword
  • Think Long-term
  • Use Domain name Generators

Choose the Right Extension

Choose the Right ExtensionThe extension is the first thing when choosing a domain name. It should be based on your country or your business purpose. There are many extensions like .com, .org,, .in, .nl, .net etc., not only these there is more number of extensions that can be chosen by yourself. It is advisable to choose .com to grow and present your website globally.


BrandableAs mentioned earlier, your domain name is the uniqueness of your brand and business. It should cover your brand name and business, but it should be unique. A generic keyword may have keywords, but it will be more competitive. Search engines will love to encourage and crawl the unique names without any delay. Spend your time searching for the different and unique phrase with the keyword as a domain name.

Easy to Type and Pronounce

As a branded website, your brand should be easily found by all people. It should not be hard to type and spell, and to share with others. If your brand website is easy to read and write, then it will be easy for the user to search and share.

Avoid Symbols and Numbers

As mentioned above your website name should be easy to type and pronounce. You should not use two stop words, which will reduce the impression among people. If you have any similar name as your website name, then you can use only one hyphen which is to initiate the user that’s your brand.

Search for Keyword

Search for KeywordIt is good to have if your domain name has a keyword, it will be easy to rank in SERPs. Make use of online keyword research tools and find your unique domain name with a highly rated keyword. This will help you in the future to increase your website’s organic traffic.

Think Long Term

Your website is the reputation of your business, it helps to increase your customers. It is important to choose the right name, you can spend your own time on that. Because, if you planned to change your domain name in future, it will cost you high and all your customers and SEO rankings will be lost, you must start from the first.

Use Domain Name Generator

Use Domain Name GeneratorIf you do not know how and which of the words and extensions to use, you can make use of the domain name generators. Here, I have used which is the cheapest and fastest domain name provider in the UK. They will also provide hosting with different plans, here you can enter your business or brand name and they will suggest to you the number of domain names that exist.


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