How to make your Rubbish Removal Business thrive online during a Pandemic?


The Rubbish removal business industry is huge in the UK and it is still very much in demand by everyone generating rubbish; be it private homes, corporate offices, restaurants, public parks, or construction sites, for example.

The pandemic has certainly made junk removal companies rethink the way they advertise their services online and how to utilize their websites better to gain more leads and attract more potential clients now that local searches are lower than usual.

In a recent interview with waste collection company Express Waste Removals we learned that:

The work definitely is less than before, because of the COVID 19 pandemic approximately 30% less. At the moment we serve more private customers than big companies and offices, which are either closed or most of their staff work from home.

This clearly shows that the target audience for junk removal companies has shifted due to the pandemic and their website and online marketing strategies should be adapted to these changes.

In another interview with London rubbish clearance company Top Wasters we further discovered that

Now, most of the customers we have are those, who are relocating, they are moving home and have some rubbish to be collected. There are some building companies still working and we do collections for them, but not as many as there used to be. We work with many property management companies and collect some stuff from them as well.

So, what is the takeaway?

Factors Rubbish Removal Companies need to consider to attract more Customers Online

As the pandemic has impacted any business worldwide, it is necessary to look at factors such as changes in

  • the target audience/customer
  • the service requirements
  • the demand

Below we have listed how junk collection company Quick Wasters, one of the leading rubbish removal companies in London, has handled these changes with their online marketing and web presence strategy.

  1. Constant Market Research: Market research is a vital element as any waste collection company needs to understand which services are in demand by whom in their local area. Who is looking for your services and what do they need? It is best to specialize and focus on niche services. In the above examples we saw that because many construction sites are still operational, they often require construction site clearance services. If your business focused on office clearance services before the pandemic, then you should invest more in paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target construction or building companies. Do market research on pricing and the rates, find out how much the top companies charge for their services and try to strike a balance.
  2. Adapt your Branding: Branding is about making your business known, targeting the right audience. SEO Experts at ClickDo recommend to add relevant content to a rubbish removal business website’s home page, About Us, Services page and so on; meaning, if your content was added before the pandemic, it is important to update it now as your customers and their demands have changed. Check how you can adapt the services you offer and do a new keyword research so that you understand what your customers require. Say, before your customers would search for a normal End of Tenancy Clearing service and now they want one with additional antibacterial treatments to make the property Covid safe, then you should incorporate that on your website. How important a nicely designed website, with the right content and keywords, is for online success can the All Junk Removal company confirm. Since they updated their home page, highlighting “Builders Waste Clearance” and “Household Clearance” services, they had more enquiries for these services. SEO and digital marketing goes hand in hand as the business site should be promoted online via social media, Facebook paid ads, blogging, link building, and so on and you can learn more about how ClickDo do it for their rubbish removal clients in this case study. Any rubbish removal business without effective SEO content and digital marketing is always destined to fail.
  3. Adjust your Offers: It is important that you establish something unique about your businesstarget-right-customers-with-offers-and-discounts that separates you from your competitors. The best way to go about this, especially in times when many are cutting down cost where they can, would be to offer lower pricing and handsome offers every once in a while. Most people stick with the same rubbish removal service provider if they are satisfied with their man and van rubbish removal services. Attract your new target audience such as private households with enticing offers like a free garden clearance or free garage junk removal each time they hire you. Be creative and innovative. Use this time to build your business name and trust again, rather than making profits. London Rubbish Removal for example list their prices in general, but then give individual quotes for each service and customer enquiry, because they know this way they can lower the price individually.
  4. Incorporate Trends: Sustainability, eco-friendliness and green living are huge growing trends that any rubbish removal company can focus on with their blog articles to target keywords like “upcycling” or “decluttering” to drive more traffic to their website.

Final Thoughts

Most of the leading rubbish removal companies today had to respond to the changes the pandemic has brought with it in the waste removal industry. And because of a growing online shift of many services, they had to revisit their websites, web presence and online marketing strategies.

Targeting the right audience with relevant and updated content is key as well as connecting with the right customers and networking with real estate managers, property owners, construction and building companies and so on. Networking is important in any business and in this case, you can try and offer handsome cuts to those that would help advance your business in these difficult times. Targeting emerging market segments and adapting to the changing rubbish removal requirements should be reflected in every junk removal company’s website and online content and advertisement.




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