Letmewatchthis: 10 Best Alternative Sites

Discover Top 10 Best Alternative Sites like Letmewatchthis (2)

What is LetMeWatchThis?

Are you enthusiastic about movies and TV Shows? Then you must have heard about Letmewatchthis, a platform that only required a strong internet connection to watch your favourite movies and shows. There was no room for thinking about other alternatives since the venue had excellent content. The platform had covered all young and old audiences, with compelling content that kept them glued on their screens.

What happened to LetMeWatchThis?

The audience thought that glory and popularity would not leave the platform. Its star faded away before it shone. The witty content ebbed away, and the hackers wiped out the rage. The forum was prone to Copyright claims, external attacks from hackers, and domain name takedowns. The exciting content made a sudden halt, and hackers changed all existing links to advertising sites. Later on, the original domain came back online, but nothing changed; the adverts remained constant. People had to look for alternatives sites to quench their thirst for excellent content.

Discover Top 10 Best Alternative Sites like Letmewatchthis

Top 10 Alternatives for LetMeWatchThis


1. YouTube TV

YouTube has been in existence for a long time; it strives to offer unique and engaging content. It comes up with a way of winning users’ trust. YouTube TV makes it possible for users to watch any movie of their choice at a zero-rated cost.

In this platform, there are both purchase and rental movies. However, most movies are available for free on YouTube. Premium movies are not free; hence one pays for watching.

The audience best choice is YouTube TV because it acts as a safe content haven. Up loaders follow the stringent community guidelines. If the content goes contrary to the given guidelines, it automatically vanishes from the platform. Google and YouTube make the community guidelines that are every content creator has to follow.

Their movie selection is excellent since it offers different genres and themes. Some non- English movies offer captioned subtitles, making it easy for the audience to follow the film’s flow. This feature design is for the audience who do not understand any other language except English.

Amazon Prime

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a platform that Amazon owns. Users are required to pay to get access to the content offered.

The user enjoys access to unlimited videos and accessible and immediate shipping of products purchased via the Amazon E-Commerce platform.  It provides a wide variety of movies from different genres and comes with English subtitles in all films


3. Netflix

 Netflix is one of the movers and shakers of movie streaming platforms. Many people refer to it as the captain of the industry. It is a paid service that one can access via android and iOS devices.

One chooses a different subscription plan to access the best HD quality screen content. English subtitles come in handy in every movie or web-series; hence people can follow the proceedings attentively.


4. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a platform where one is not required to pay any subscription fee. The platform offers different movie genres.

The site developers can keep viewers updated since they upload new movies as soon as the cinemas have them. Their films are high quality hence giving the audience the ultimate experience.


5. Fmovies

Fmovies is an online platform that the user can access anytime and anywhere at no cost. It offers different genre varieties like comedy, horror, documentaries, thriller and action.

The user experience is quite intriguing since it offers a dark mode option, just like YouTube. Such user experience is not available on many platforms. The audience should leave any stone unturned as they watch different genres.

The platform has the enhancement of filter options where one can search movies or TV Shows according to the country of origin, genre, and most viewed. The content arrangement follows an alphabetical order, making it easier for the user to search movie titles.

Couch Turner 

6. Couch Turner

 Couch Turner is a platform that contains thrilling movies and TV shows that make one feel like watching the whole day. The platform does have a search bar where one can search for movies and TV shows available on the list.

There are two predefined lists for TV shows that are trending and the all-time favorite. The platform does not require any signing up; you only click a link on your device.


7. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a platform with numerous movies on its database in various languages and has different movie genres. Non-registration is required; hence one can access the content at no cost.

It does have a search bar where one can search for favorite movies. The movies are divided into genre, year, trending and so on.


8. Rainierland

Rainierland is a platform that provides exceptionally high-quality free content. The platform does have a collection of new and old blockbuster movies. The website does not stream its movies; it gives external links to watch directly through it.

The site is tailor-made in a way that the home page does contain all popular shows. One can conveniently spot their desired shows.


9. Watch Episode

Watch Episode is a platform where one can watch different TV shows without paying a dime. There is no registration required to view the shows on the site. The platform is updated every time, especially for new web-series; hence the audience can follow up on different episodes.

There is a list of popular TV Shows. Therefore the viewers are kept in the loop. Old TV shows are also available on the platform; hence the audience recalls popular shows in the past years.

Open Load Free TV

10. Open Load Free TV

 Are you looking for a platform where you can watch the latest movies as soon as they are released? Open Load TV is the best platform to quench your desire for new and thrilling content. The user interface is friendly hence making it easy for one to browse different movies.

The year it was released, the feature makes one select content that might have passed them in the past years.

Conclusively; there are various sites that one can watch movies conveniently. The fall of LetMeWatchThis brought new inventions that completely changed the industry. A new dawn is here; let us embrace it,won’t we?



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