Skillhub Resume Review – What Everyone Needs to Know?

Skillhub Resume Review - What Everyone Needs to Know

Writing a resume from scratch is a service that has gained extreme popularity during the last decade. But do you know that a resume writing professional can simply review your old resume and suggest a few changes? This option is far cheaper than the standard ‘writing from scratch.’ In addition, reviewing a resume means that a professional will optimize your resume by improving weak spots and highlighting your strengths.

Want to learn how to give a second life to your good old resume? Then check out more about why a resume review benefits you as a job seeker in the article below.

What Is a Resume Review Service?

What Is a Resume Review Service

A resume review service is a very common procedure provided by third parties like resume writing agencies. Ordering this specific resume writing service is a perfect option for those job seekers with a resume that needs a little ‘trimming.’ Once you ask for a resume review, you’ll get personalized advice from a resume-writing professional. They will review the layout and content of your resume and advise you on how to upgrade it.

How to find out whether the company is worth your trust?

  • Check platforms with independent reviews left by the company’s customers. For instance, sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber;
  • Ask about the stages that a resume review process includes;
  • Find out about the writer’s experience or check out their samples;
  • Check the company’s policies. Do they have a refund policy? What about a revision?

What Will a Resume Writer Focus On When Reviewing Your Resume?

  • Format – If this is your first job ever and you’ve used a Chronological format, a writer might advise you to switch to the Functional one. The opposite goes for a situation when you’re a professional with years of experience but has decided to use the Functional format;
  • Layout – A writer will check the sequence of your resume sections, their design, margins, spacing, and font. Again, they will tell you if a change is required;
  • Grammar and punctuation errors – Yes, editing and proofreading make up the biggest chunk of the resume writer’s responsibilities;
  • Content – Your writer will check whether all resume sections are filled in and suggest how to improve them. For instance, on how to make your Experience section cohesive;
  • Keywords – A writing professional will add keywords if the quantity of professional words in your resume is lower than average. This is done so your resume can beat the ATS system and let your resume land on the recruiter’s desk;
  • Tone and style – Sometimes, the applicant’s style might be too rigid or, on the contrary, contain slang and colloquialisms. Our Skillhub writers will make sure your resume sounds official but not pretentious.

How to Get Your Resume Reviewed?

How to Get Your Resume Reviewed

First of all, you should find your old resume or compose a new one from scratch. Second, you should google resume writing agencies that offer resume reviews as a part of their services. Third, you should check the company’s reviews and policies. Finally, if you’re happy with what you found about the company online, you’re good to go! Just place an order, upload your resume, and wait for other instructions from the company’s customer service or support team.

What to focus on when choosing a resume writing agency?

  • An interview guarantee This is the amount of time when you’re supposed to find a new job after you receive a freshly edited resume. For instance, Skillhub has a 4-week interview guarantee;
  • A refund policy – This is the company’s guide on what to do if you’re unhappy with the product. Like Skillhub, most companies have a 60-days money-back policy. If your recent resume found you no job or the writer missed the initial instructions, what will be the company’s actions?;
  • Revisions – Will a writer perform a free modification if such is required? Or will you have to pay for it as an additional service?
  • Support team – We advise you to choose a company with 24/7 support. This is vital for your job hunting. For instance, how will a company handle an emergency when your writer doesn’t answer your messages with a deadline approaching too fast?

Which are the Pros of a Resume Review as a Service?

Which are the Pros of a Resume Review as a Service

When reaching a third-party resume writing agency, you get writing help from a professional who’s been in the industry for years. A resume-writing specialist knows what a twenty-first-century recruiter wants to see in your resume. They know the tricks of letting your inner self shine and presenting your weaknesses as unique traits.

All resume reviewing procedures aim to help you secure your dream job and start a stellar career path.

In the end, the perks of contacting a resume-writing specialist are as follows:

  • You get a resume with a proper format, style, and design;
  • Your resume has ATS-beating keywords. This is essential since most companies use ATS bots for the initial resume check-up;
  • Your resume is free of mistakes and typos;
  • It has a professional tone and upgraded content;
  • A resume review service saves you time while adding top efficiency to your resume.

Resume Review Questions to Ask Your Writer

When choosing a resume writing specialist, aim for someone who has worked in your industry or at least had a job-related position. Doing so ensures that your writer knows your industry from within and can give you the best advice. Ask them for the work samples and determine whether you like their writing style. Also, find whether a writer can answer your messages instantly. They can be in a different time zone, yet focusing on this aspect before hiring them is a must.

Share your ideas on what your resume should be like and which sections you want to be altered.

Final Thoughts

A resume review is an efficient editing and writing service that can bring your old resume to a new level and help you to avoid common mistakes. So, start searching for a credible writing agency; before placing an order, check the company’s policies and reviews on the company’s services from other clients. Also, ensure your expectations of the result are clear to your writer. In the end, reviewing your resume will maximize your chances of getting an interview.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!


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