5 Things You Must Know About The Barrel Saunas

5 Things the Barrel Saunas

Saunas are a delightful luxury in the chilly winters. When winds are crisp and the ground is covered with snow, people prefer to stay indoors. They like to snuggle up in their warm beds and procrastinate on many things.

A person has no control over the weather. But, they have full control over their property. Hence, they can add an outdoor sauna to enjoy the ambiance of warm summers when they want.

Outdoor saunas are great. If you feel cold and lazy inside your house during the winters, you can enjoy sauna time. A relaxing time in the sauna will refresh and energize you.

But you know what’s even better than a sauna? Outdoor barrel saunas.

Advantages Of Barrel Saunas

The following are some barrel saunas benefits:

1. Busts Stress

The first benefit of a barrel sauna is that it reduces stress and gives a relaxing atmosphere to a person. Stress is a major culprit of many diseases. It leads to blood pressure, diabetes, and many other illnesses.

An effective way to get rid of stress is to step into a barrel sauna. The warm and cozy environment of the sauna improves blood circulation. This, in return, leads to the relaxed muscles and release of endorphins, the happy hormone.

The second benefit of barrel saunas is that it effectively reduces muscular pain.

2. Cures Muscular Pain

Sanas Cures Muscular Pain

Painkillers are helpful to cure muscular pain. But a more natural way to get rid of it is to enjoy some quality sauna time. The warm environment of the sauna increases body temperature and circulation. It then quickens up the body’s healing process.

The tensed muscles release their stress and feel good due to increased blood circulation.

Moving on to the third benefit, which is a night of quality sleep.

3. Improves Sleep

Do you feel sleepy after a warm relaxing bath? It is because your body lets go of all the stress and feel rejuvenated.

Spending time in barrel saunas gives the body the same feeling of calmness and relaxation. People sleep better and longer after spending time in saunas.

The fourth benefit of saunas is linked with healthier and fresh facial skin.

4. Rejuvenates Skin

Saunas can leave your skin clean, bacteria-free, and fresh. You don’t have to run to salons to remove the dead skin and bacteria from your face. All you have to do is step inside the sauna, and it will take care of your skin.

The next benefit that we will talk about is improved cardiovascular health.

5. Strengthens Heart

Barrel Sanuas Strengthens Heart

Improved blood circulation and a rise in body temperature are good signs for a healthy heart. Our circulatory system strengthens after spending time in saunas.

All in all, outdoor saunas are a luxurious retreat for tired bodies and minds.

If you plan to get an outdoor barrel sauna to reap all the benefits, check out the 5 important considerations for it.

5 Important Things To Know About Barrel Saunas

1. Ease Of Assembling

The barrel sunas- easy assempling

The first consideration for barrel saunas is that they should be easy to assemble. Most of the barrel saunas in the market are a no-brainer to assemble. The sauna is placed on milled cedar boards and fixed with lock rings.

Before buying the barrel sauna, ensure to ask about its delivery and assembly. The next important thing about barrel sauna is that it doesn’t require extra insulation.

2. No Extra Insulation

The cedar woodworks as an effective insulator in the sauna. It keeps the heat inside the sauna and prevents the cold from entering inside.

The internal temperature of the sauna will remain warm even if it’s freezing outside. The third thing that you must know is about outdoor sauna care.

3. Requires Maintenance

The barrel sunas require maintenance

It is important to take proper care of the barrel saunas, especially when they aren’t used. Barrel saunas do not have roofs due to their curved structure.

Thus, snow and moisture can stay on the top and develop a leakage when not in use. If you aren’t planning to use the sauna, make sure to cover up the roof. It will keep your roof safe and prevent moisture from entering inside.

Another benefit that you’ll get from adding a cover is preventing mold and odor. Wet woods can easily develop a mold, which isn’t a pretty sight to behold. It can create an unbearable odor inside the sauna that might ruin your experience.

The fourth thing about barrel saunas is that it only has one sitting level.

4. One Level Of Benches

Due to the round shape and elongated structure, barrel saunas cannot accommodate 2 bench levels. There’s only room for one level of benches. Some people install 2 levels of benches.

But, there wouldn’t be enough space to sit on the top bench. A person has to lie down on the bench and enjoy his sauna experience.

The best idea is to have only one bench level in the barrel sauna. The only downside would be that you’ll feel cramped if more people are inside the sauna.

The fifth thing to understand about barrel saunas is the availability of changing rooms.

5. Changing Room

Barrel saunas are available with or without a changing room. But, it is recommended to invest in a sauna that comes with a changing room. Having an extra room will allow you to regularize your body’s temperature before stepping out in the cold.

A separate room will provide you space for changing, sipping warm beverages, or simply taking a break. The changing room’s temperature will transition from warm sauna temperature to harsh cold outside.

This is especially important for the elderly and kids. Our bodies do now no longer regulate properly to unexpected modifications in temperature. A barrel sauna with a changing room might cost you a little bit more than one without it. But, it will be helpful to you in the long term.

Ready For A Relaxing Retreat?

Barrel saunas are indeed a luxury. It wouldn’t be wrong to call these saunas a relaxing escape from the hustle and stress of daily lives.

Apart from relaxing, saunas offer a lot of health benefits to a stress-free lifestyle. Hence, overall it is an amazing idea to have an outdoor space dedicated to it.

If you are planning to get your hands on barrel saunas, ensure to check the 5 important things that we’ve mentioned above. If you have any questions about this post, please reach out in the comments below. We would love to connect with you.


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