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Tool Tracking Software With Digital Personnel File

Timly’s Digital Tool Tracking – Consolidation of Inventory and Know – How?

Operating and maintaining equipment and machines requires certain skills and certifications. It is not only on construction sites that the question arises as to who is actually allowed and able to do what. The digital tool tracking software in combination with a digital personnel file Timly connects the inventory with the skills of the employees.

Digital Tool Tracking – Independent of Industry & Size

Keeping track of the multitude of tools, machines and vehicles is not easy. However, with digital tool tracking, it is very practical to handle. Devices are easily registered via QR code and the necessary information is stored. A maintenance planner reminds you of upcoming inspection dates. This way, no maintenance date is forgotten and every tool is guaranteed to be in working order when it is needed.

Documents such as inspection certificates are stored in the digital inventory management system, so that mobile access from a smartphone or tablet is possible at any time. Does that sound utopian? A new software developed from Switzerland, makes tool tracking child’s play.

Digital Tool Tracking - Independent of Industry & SizeInventory management with a digital personnel file has many advantages not only for companies in the construction industry. IT equipment, office or school inventory, smart city assets and much more can be managed with it. Even big names like BASF, Siemens, Cornelsen or the European news magazine Der Spiegel optimise their inventory management and tool tracking with software from Timly.

In Austria, for example, the companies Hauser and ELIN as well as the electrical engineering supplier Fleck have realised that they can keep up with the times and maintain an overview with the Swiss inventory management software. The electronic personnel file supports them effectively in everyday life and also ensures occupational safety.

If a tool has a defect, it can be reported quickly with one click. This means that defective tools are not simply put aside and possibly forgotten. The “check-in/check-out” function, i.e. the allocation to employees, also results in a completely new sense of responsibility for the equipment used.

The Integrated Digital Personnel File – Fully Automated

Certifications and qualifications can expire. This is where the so-called electronic personnel file comes into play. Employees are tracked in the software with their know-how and qualifications. All documents, such as certificates, are added to the personnel file in digital form. In this way, the inventory, such as individual devices and systems are linked to exactly those employees who are authorised to operate or maintain them. The inventory can be assigned to employees, locations and also to external inspectors.

The Integrated Digital Personnel File – Fully AutomatedIn the desktop application, the person responsible for administration can easily find out who is currently allowed to operate e.g. a crane using the search function. Or even better: all employees are reminded in good time to carry out the necessary certification – and this is fully automated. In the digital personnel file, all aspects concerning the skills and certifications of a company’s employees can be easily managed in digital form.

Data Protection and Connectivity of the Digital Tool Tracking Software

Electronic personnel files naturally contain personal information and documents. A digital file must therefore sufficiently protect the sensitive data fed into it. When choosing a suitable software for tool tracking with a digital personnel file, one should therefore make sure that it is secured in a GDPR compliant manner. For many companies, before introducing a digital personnel file, it is also important that a connection to existing systems, such as HR software, is possible. This way, the different databases can go hand in hand and complement each other. The Timly Tool tracking software meets the highest data protection requirements.

Digital Tool Tracking in Practice

Digital personnel files and electronic inventory management are already used in many companies. The large German construction company Diringer & Scheidel uses the software from Timly to manage its employee certifications and skills. This allows those responsible to quickly see at any time who is allowed to operate which equipment, which training courses are due soon and which inventory needs to be maintained when.

Thanks to the sophisticated user role concept, only authorised persons are granted access to the data in the GDPR-compliant secure cloud. Documents and certificates are then available in electronic form and can be conveniently accessed. In this way, Diringer & Scheidel keeps track of all devices, maintenance dates and the skills of its employees.

The ARGE at the large railway station in Bern, Switzerland, also relies on Timly’s Tool Tracking Software. Watch the video below to see how the consortium of 4 large construction companies uses Timly’s tool tracking software:



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