Top 10 Umbrella Companies in the UK


What is the Umbrella Company?

An Umbrella Company is a separate large company that acts as an employer for the people who work on a fixed contract basis. All the employees who work with the Umbrella Company will basically sign a contract and it will be in the act until the employee completes the agreed contract period. Here the client is actually the company or agency for which the contractor works. Here the Umbrella Company will send the invoice to the client and when the client pays, the payment will be processed to the contract workers through PAYE.

Top 10 Umbrella Companies in the UK

1. Umbrella UK

Umbrella UK

Address: Bollin House, Bollin Link, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1DP

Contact: 0800 121 6513


Umbrella UK is a good know company in the UK that ensures that the contract workers will get all the benefits of full-time employment. The main advantage of Umbrella UK is that they provide the latest modern, green and open workspace which helps for more productivity in the works. Umbrella UK will take care of all the financial things and hence the contract workers can focus more on their work. As a contract worker, you can submit your work hours every week and the company will ensure that you receive the benefits properly.

2. Contract Eye

Contact Eye

Address: 4th Floor Radius House, 51 Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, England, WD17 1HP

Contract eye was started in the year 2006 and was successfully operating for more than a decade now.

Contract Eye provides hundreds of Umbrella guides and if you are a contractor or a company, then you can check out the available resources at Contract Eye and plan your career. Also, Contract Eye has a directory which contains the details of the successful umbrella companies in the UK, Contractors can use this list and get benefit from it.

3. Contractor Umbrella

Contractor Umbrella

Address: Unit 36 Silk Mill Industrial Estate, Brook Street, Tring, HP23 5EF

Contact: 01206 591 000


Contract Umbrella is a company that has award-winning experts in contractor payroll and accountancy. This company is operating since 2002 and provides the best transparent services for their clients. With Contract Umbrella, you will get value-added employee benefits. With Contract Umbrella, You can easily sign up within minutes and enroll yourself to the portal. If you are a contractor looking for a perfect platform, then this company will be the best choice for you.

4. Pay Stream

Pay Stream

Address: Mansion House Manchester Road Altrincham Cheshire WA14 4RW

Contact: 0161 601 7842


From the moment you signup with PayStream, you will get assistance from the companies qualified accountants and lawyers. PayStream ensures seamless service with maximum returns for the minimum effort. Before getting started, you can get a free consultation from the expert consultants at PayStream. Holiday Pay and the Workplace Pensions are available with the PayStream. This company has 500+ reviews on Trustpilot.

5. Umbrella Company UK

Umbrella Company UK

Address: First Floor Offices, Suite G, 230 High Street, Potters Bar, EN6 5BL

Contact: 01707 669023


Umbrella Company UK comes with many features like simple signup, employee benefits, no tie-in, No joining/leaving fees, full compliance, efficient payroll, inclusive insurance, excellent value, easy switching, etc. This company is backed by 20+ years of experience in the contract payroll. Umbrella Company has policies that comply with the HMRC and the VAT regulations of the UK. This company provides an online calculator from which you can check how much you will get in return for your work.

6. Umbrella Companies

Umbrella Companies


Umbrella Companies is the best platform for both the contractors and the freelancers to work and earn maximum.

This company is operating for more than a decade and they ensure that they deliver the best advice about the Umbrella procedure for the contractors and the freelancers in the UK. From this website, you will find detailed information about IR35, take-home pay projections, etc. From this platform, you can able to find the best Umbrella Companies which suit you.

7. Transparent Umbrella

Transparent Umbrella

Contact: 0203 916 5800


Transparent Umbrella is the latest Umbrella Company in the UK which focuses mainly to adapt to the latest technologies and deliver the best. By using the Transparent Umbrella, Agencies will have instant access to the worker payslip data and also has the real-time reporting platform to deliver the best. Transparent Umbrella has a good customer reputation and remains one of the best Umbrella companies in the UK.

8. Crystal Choice

Crystal Choice

Address: Redfern House, 105 Ashley Road, St Albans AL1 5GD

Crystal choice was initially created by Alan Little and his team to help contractors and freelancers to understand the contracting worker rules.

Crystal Choice will take care of all the administration works like invoicing, collecting funds, calculating tax, etc. This company also provides a payroll service to its employees and also processes all timesheets and invoices in a timely manner. It also pays its employees a salary after allowing the deductions.

9. Clarity Umbrella

Clarity Umbrella

Address: 10 Queen Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1SS.

Contact: 01473 845 835


Clarity Umbrella in the UK offers the service which is deemed inside IR35 or for also those who do not wish to operate their own Ltd Company moving forward. This company has the ability to be paid via an umbrella company through PAYE. Clarity Umbrella is an FCSA Accredited member. You can easily get a Free consultation from one of the expert lawyers from the Clarity Umbrella team. As a contractor Clarity Umbrella will be the best choice for you.

10. IT Contractors UK

IT Contractors UK


With the IT Contractors UK, you can able to join one of the largest Linkedin Groups with over 18,000 contractors in the UK.

This company offers the best services as an Umbrella Company. IT Contractors UK is also involved in other sectors like banking, accounting & tax, umbrella services, limited company procedures, mortgages, recruitments, etc. Even they offer professional CV writing services.


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