8 Ways Bespoke Signage Can Help Improve Your Business Marketing Strategy

Ways Bespoke Signage Can Help Improve Your Business Marketing Strategy

In the current day and age, the success of your brand promotion campaigns relies on your advertising techniques.

In a highly competitive market space, merely sharing brand news with the target population may not be enough!

Research has shown that about 90% of the information sent to our brains is visual. Therefore, it is important to use visuals to engage the imagination of customers toward the brand/product. This can be effectively done using aesthetically attractive elements such as bespoke and commercial signage.

These signs are tailored for products/brands and help reflect the brand’s persona accurately to the target audience. In this blog, we highlight eight ways in which bespoke/commercial signage can help strengthen your business marketing strategy. So, let’s read on.

Benefits of Bespoke/Commercial signage by brands

1. A unique way to advertise the brand/product

A unique way to advertise the brand product

Bespoke signage production by Image Technique provides an effective alternative to campaign banners. As is commonly said- “First impression is the last impression.” They provide an organic appeal to the product.

2. Cost-effective and affordable

Compared to flyers, and online advertisements, these are less expensive and equally impactful. They can be used to make sale announcements, new product or service announcements to engage a much larger customer base. This can help boost revenue generation.

3. Repeated brand reinforcement

Bespoke/commercial signage is an important pillar of marketing strategy as it is used for recognition.

For example, brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are recognised by their logos. It reinforces the brand in the subconscious of the customers, increasing their inclination towards the brand.

4. Acting as an informational tool

They help in conveying important messages to the targeted population. For example, health and safety signages are informational in nature.

Acting as an informational toolSimilarly, using commercial/bespoke signages, businesses convey crucial news/announcements to customers.

5. Trust and reliability of bespoke signages

Modern advertising avenues, such as online and social media platforms, have become popular in recent times. But, traditional marketing forms such as bespoke signage enjoys a level of trust and reliability that not everyone feels regarding modern ways. Used along with modern means can help cater to a larger market.

6. Promoting discounts and offers

  • Signage displaying giveaways, discounts, or promotional items draws the customers towards the brand and incentivises them to visit the stores again and again.
  • It can also be used to highlight the key features of products.
  • It can spark impulse purchases.
  • It creates brand value.

7. Helps in differentiating your business

Helps in differentiating your business

  • The eye-catching elements of the signage enhance your visibility and make you stand out from the competition.
  • The logo creates brand association and enhances awareness regarding the brand/product among the customers.
  • It is a reflection of what your brand stands for! Therefore, it is a way to connect and convey the core principles of the brand.
  • It provides visibility and marketing even when you are closed. This, in effect, becomes one of the efficient market promotion strategies.

8. Bridging the offline and online presence

  • Including the whereabouts and URL on the bespoke/commercial signage increases traction as well as facilitates better connectivity.
  • Coordinating the signage style in both the offline and online spaces creates brand recognition and cohesiveness.

Wrapping up

Bespoke/Commercial signage is a budget-friendly marketing business tool that can engage a larger customer base and helps represent their brand identity. Without it, any marketing strategy is incomplete. In this blog, we tried to cover important elements which make bespoke/commercial signage so effective in the marketing arena.

Hopefully, this was helpful. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear from you.


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