A Quick Guide to Get Certified In Power BI

guide to get certified in power bi

Interacting with data has always been a problem for organizations, and Power BI has made it easier. Data analysts need to collect, analyze, and transform into meaningful trends in a data-driven world. The analysts have to collect data from multiple sources, and the demand for them at the enterprise level is enormous. With approximately 35000+ organizations using Power BI, considering the amount of data we handle, the need for data analysts is increasing.

Overview of Microsoft Power BI certification

Microsoft Power BI certification serves to display knowledge and expertise in managing and deploying client applications in enterprise environments. To obtain a certificate from Microsoft in Power BI, clearing the PL-300 examination is required. Tackling the exam of PL 300 is the key to grabbing a “Power BI Data Analyst Associate” certification.

PL-300 examination topics

Microsoft certification offers one more examination, which is the DA-100 course. Both these exams have almost the same syllabus; thus, preparing for one helps clear the other too. However, these differ only in the weightage of the topics. Below are the topics and their weightage offered in the PL-300’s syllabus,

Prepare the data (15-20%)

Model the data (30-35%)

Visualize and analyze big data (25-30%)

Deploy and maintain assets (20-25%)

Guide to Get Certified In Power BI

Online material and syllabus

guide to get certified in power bi - Online material and syllabus

Comparing DA-100 with PL-300, a lot has been stripped off from the syllabus, and hence PL-300 remains tidied with minimal content. Because of this fact, clearing the exam has always been easier. If you have already passed the DA-100, tackling the PL-300 would be easy with minimal preparation time. Microsoft’s “Learn Pathway” would be the best resource to acquire Power BI training. It hosts the official syllabus of the PL-300 exam, and other online channels hosting the training materials are just copies of this platform.

Review the exam content

In addition to the exam syllabus, other key factors like exam duration, type of the questions and cost of examination are also crucial before undertaking the certification. Going through these helps to understand the course better and helps to prepare well for the examination.

Study routine for PL-300

Following a routine to complete the syllabus is the key to clearing the examination. PL-300 is a kind of exam that requires a rigorous study plan from you to clear the exam. Working out at least two hours a day without procrastination serves well for exam prep. Following a perfect routine enables you to cover all the topics in time and gives enough time to revise the content.

Select a study mode

Select a study mode

There are advantages to choosing an online tutoring platform rather than opting for self-study. The main reason is that study does not provide sufficient resources to help with the syllabus content. Clearing doubts with peers is also not possible if you do self-study. Not the same case with e-learning because many tutors and candidates convene to learn and help others crack the examination. The main advantage of e-learning is that if you have interested in learning, the course content is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere globally, with the internet in our hands.

Practice Power BI

Theoretical knowledge might help clear the exam, but practice puts Power BI into use. Practical knowledge helps understand real-time scenarios like how Power BI is used at the enterprise level. Microsoft certification offers a self-paced Power BI training, which provides an enhanced feature called “Dashboard in a Day”. This training provides real-time data sets which you could use for hands-on experience once the Power BI course theory ends.

Revise, Rest and Revise

Going through the course content and the concepts again and again definitely helps clear any examination. With gaps across multiple revisions, revising the syllabus from top to bottom gives a knowledge boost and increases confidence. Proper intervals are essential in keeping the brain cool during exam prep more than the revision. So, it is advisable to go for some refreshment when you feel overburdened by studies.

Scheduling Microsoft Power BI certification

Scheduling Microsoft Power BI certification

You can take the examination both in person or in online mode. Authorized test centres can arrange the Power BI certification exam, or the candidates can apply online to give the exam from home. Applying for the examination can also be done online, and you could make payment online too. Remember, the Power BI certification cost is $165 USD, and the passing score is 700.


Now that the course details for the Power BI certification are apparently, becoming a data analyst is much easier with this certification programme. The PL-300 examination covers the key aspects of handling data efficiently and using them to analyze the trends and interpret them into a meaningful structure. The demand for data analysts is high in the market because every organization is keen on analyzing its data. Studying data trends in the future for the next few decades and analyst jobs are always out there.


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