How Looking for a Job Online with Sercanto?

How Looking for a Job Online with Sercanto

Looking for a job is a complex process that can take months. The steps to be done are different; they all start with the research and selection of the job offer.

Undoubtedly technology and internet access have made these processes easier. Up to date, job vacancies are more easily and quickly accessible, but there are so many available vacancies that users often don’t know where to start.

Job offerWe are witnessing a phenomenon of wild job search and application, in which users tend to upload their resumes on offline job offers.

This creates disadvantages both for companies, which receive unsuitable applications and for the candidate, who sees his process slowed down.

How Looking for a Job Online with Sercanto?

This is the reason why search engines for job advertisements were born, like Sercanto which speeds up the research process, aggregates job offers and helps candidates to find the right ad.

For search-oriented users on the platform, it uses specific keywords, which indicate the type of work and the place of interest.

Once the parameters have been entered, the search engine collects and classifies (according to the relevance) the related ads and brings them back to the website.

It automatically eliminates all those jobs offers not in line with the profile, reducing the time of research by the user.

How Looking for a Job Online with SercantoThe ads are complete with Job Titles and descriptions, allowing the candidate to be able to immediately identify the most suitable offers. Once identified the offers, the user will be redirected to the site on which to apply.

Before submitting applications, it is important to read not only the job title but also the description, in order to immediately get an idea if the requirements are in line with our skills and experiences.

Once identified the perfect new job offers and submit the applications, what remains to do is to keep track of the companies and positions for which we have applied.

In particular, it is important to take note of:

  • The name of the company;
  • The email to which the application was sent or the company link.
  • The date of submission (to take into account how long you sent the application).
  • The date of any job interview, already carried out or in the process or to be
  • The result: the final outcome of the application, in order not to have to repeat it by mistake.



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