Learn the Difference Between the MCCB Panel Board and MCB

Difference Between the MCCB Panel Board and MCB

In the market today, several different circuit breakers are available, including MCCB, MCB RCCB, ELB etc. But all of them serve different purposes and are used in different settings. For example, both MCB and MCCB panel boards are types of circuit breakers, but their function and purpose are very different. Many people are familiar with the terms MCB and MCCB, but they might not know the difference between the two. Moreover, some people might not be aware of their basic functions. In this blog, we will look at the basic definition as well as the differences between these two types of equipment.

What is MCB?

An MCB is a protective device designed to protect electrical equipment against current overload. An MCB, or micro circuit breaker, is an automated electrical device that protects an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current, typically generated by an overload or short circuit. It interrupts current flow when it detects an electrical fault.

What is MCBIts operation is straightforward. The MCB has two contacts, one of which is moveable and the other fixed. As the current exceeds the preset limit, the movable contacts disengage from the fixed contacts, causing the circuit to open and disconnect them from the power source.

What is MCCB Panel Board?

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is an abbreviation for Molded Case Circuit Breaker. When the load current exceeds the limit of a small circuit breaker, this form of the electrical protection device is used. It protects against current overload and short circuits. It can be used for greater current ratings and fault levels, even in household applications.

What is MCCB Panel BoardIn terms of operation, the MCCB has two arrangements: one for over temperature and the other for over current. It has a bimetallic contact that expands and contracts with temperature change. The contact allows current to pass through the circuit under normal working conditions.

The Difference Between MCB And MCCB Panel Board

The main difference between these two pieces of electrical equipment is their capacity. The MCB, with a rating of fewer than 100 amps, does not have an adjustable trip feature. As a result, MCBs are typically used in low-current circuits.

The Difference Between MCB And MCCB Panel BoardIn contrast, an MCCB with a rating of 10 to 2,500 amps has an adjustable trip feature. Therefore, it is typically used in high-current circuits. The MCB is mostly utilised for low-current applications such as house wiring or tiny electronic circuits based on their power capacities. In contrast, the MCCB is better suited for high-power applications.

For further clarification, you can refer to the table below:

MCB MCCB Panel Board
MCB stands for Miniature circuit breaker MCCB stands with moulded case circuit breaker
MCBs are utilised for low-energy applications such as small electronic circuits or house wiring. MCCB panel board is employed in areas with significant energy demands, such as high-power equipment in factories or for commercial purposes.
The maximum rated current is 125 amps. The maximum rated current is 1600A.
In the case of MCBs, trip characteristics are fixed and cannot be adjusted In the case of MCCBs, trip characteristics can be adjusted
They are best suited for domestic use MCCB panel board is best suited for industrial and commercial use


Circuit breakers are used in buildings to provide energy and it increase safety. They take precautions to avoid fire hazards or other electrical problems by cutting off current flow when they detect a short circuit or an overload. Therefore, making ties with a reliable service provider is crucial to ensure you get the best possible product quality.



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