How much does a guarantor need to earn in the UK?

How much does a gaurantor need to earn in UK

Guarantors used to earn money three times less than the annual price of the given property rate in order to accept the person for letting them stay. Guarantors have their own financial obligations and dependencies, so they usually tend to earn more money than the regular tenants, especially in the United Kingdom (UK). This blog is to provide a complete guide about how much does a guarantor need to earn.

Guarantors are the regular people and supposed to be a close friend or a relative for the particular tenant. They should have a credit history without any backdrops, income should be certain as this is the main regulation that checks the requirements of landlords. Some of the landlords offer the guarantor tenancy irrespective of their need. Because they may have some upshots related to revenue

Recommendations for a guarantor

Recommendations for a gaurantor

To reference a guarantor, it undergoes background probes of the particular person to represent the guarantor as a good person from the tenant’s side. This process is to create a belief in landlords that guarantors can pay the rent regularly without late. Guarantors’ background checks are similar to the process of tenant’s background checks. This checking works on sensibility and is checked in the past data records with acknowledging the no criminal offense. This will merge the process of renting.

The background check includes

  • Credit check
  • Former landlord’s recommendation
  • Bank details check
  • Proof of residency check
  • Proof of revenue income check
  • Proof of identity-check
  • Right to rent check
  • Bankruptcy data
  • Alias name search
  • Electoral roll check
  • Other documentations

This compulsory checking creates a professional management kind of thing on renting a home!

Guarantor form regulations

Guarantor form is a legal article, with a piece of paper which includes all the details of the particular person with an insurance policy, this is the legal way of every landlord to protect themselves from rental loss and other damages made by them. This works as a legal agreement by acknowledging the contract. This contract works like a dense layer for the protection of landlords.

Formal core things available in a guarantor form are listed below:

  • Name of the guarantor
  • Name of the landlord
  • Name of the recommended tenant
  • Date of residency
  • Amount of rent
  • Property details
  • Period of tenancy
  • Obligations and terms of guarantee
  • Signature of the guarantor

Are students applicable as guarantors?

Are students applicable as gaurantor

To get a secure feeling for distance studies of a student all alone, the person can take up the rented house as guarantor. Students will be enabled with some restrictions and background checks. Students payable rent is considered by the landlords with utmost comfort and sensibility. Student accommodation is the most mandatory thing for accountancy. The student guarantor needs to check all conditions and terms for further struggles and obligations.

The majority of students are required as accommodation on a UK basis. Students have minimal credit scores, so respective landlords and agents try to reduce the risk of property renting. Moreover compared to normal citizens in UK students are having more advantages of being a guarantor.

What are the deciding factors of a guarantor on the support of a tenant?

Deciding factors of a Gaurantor

  • Guarantor must have a confirmation on the residing address
  • The income of the guarantor must be verified to cover the rent of tenants
  • Self-employed guarantor must prove the requirements mentioned in the legal form in the self-employed section
  • Guarantors who are residents in the UK must have a credit history related to the UK with validations

What are the three main things you need to know before concurring as a guarantor?

1. What are guarantors responsible for?

If you are agreed as a guarantor then you are liable for paying the rent on the acknowledgment provided by you, you are also asked to pay the money back on damages made by you

2. Joint tenancies and liable for rent

In the case of joint tenancies, your agreement as guarantor is applied normally on the whole property doesn’t depend on the cost of being a tenant. This means if the respected tenant doesn’t pay the rent the landlord pursues you on arrears on the guarantor agreement as you are considered as the close relative or a friend of the tenant you are supposed to pay the whole rent portion.

3. How long are guarantors answerable for?

A guarantor is responsible for unpaid rent for the fixed terms on the signed contract. If the tenant stays back it depends on your agreement. You can argue the situation so that liability ends if terms are changed or when you undergo under the pressure of agreement

What are the reasons for needing a guarantor?

  • If the landlord or a borrower doesn’t have a credit history
  • Starting or joining into a new job
  • Having low income
  • Having a low credit score

The main reason for having a guarantor is to maintain a rental property, mortgages, car finance, and loans. Irrespective of the reason the main package you need to know yourself is

  • Are they responsible?
  • Can you pay back the loan if it is necessary?
  • Does relationship gets affected in order to have repayment
  • Do they need any loans?

What are the difficulties faced by the guarantor?

If the payments or loans are not paid by the landlord or the owner, the guarantor is supposed to pay the money on due payments. If you can’t afford the payment, you may have the risk of repossessing your own home or property. On this note, your credit score may get damaged and hence you may get default by the credit report. Future mortgages affect your applications because mortgage agents specify all the tiny things which include debts and outgoing payments. This creates a negative impact on your professional life.


In UK (United Kingdom) lending the rent on a property is normal as this directs a detailed check of past renting and credit scores of a guarantor. References are included from past landlords and financial checking’s. The guarantor will give an extra pitch of “re-assurance” which is called a “guarantee”. This pitch showcases the tenancy agreement, if you are moving from overseas to the UK accommodation is required as a “UK-based guarantor”. Usually, a UK guarantor is developed for students as working professionals and graduates because students can choose their accommodation securely.

Thus the complete guide on how much does a guarantor need to earn has been explained. Please leave your comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with E-Business Blog.


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