How to deal with delayed life syndrome?

How to deal with delayed life syndrome

With the beginning of the war, we lost the opportunity to live as we would like. How to deal with delayed life syndrome of delayed life today? What could be easier than to stop thinking about things that may never happen? How can you help yourself? There are several syndrome of delayed life tips:

  • Seize the moment. Stop and listen to yourself. Don’t worry about what would have happened if you had gone the other way. You will never know for sure. The power of today lies in a positive attitude towards everything that happens in your life and the ability to be happy in simple things: when you hug your loved one, sit on a park bench, and feed the birds.
  • Check your priorities. The critical things have nothing to do with what you must do daily. Getting your priorities right and avoiding self-sacrifice reduces stress and anxiety, prevents burnout, and improves sleep quality. Today, you find time for what you endlessly postpone for tomorrow.
  • Maintain relationships with loved ones. Friendship and love are the primary sources of vitality. Emotional stability, the ability to ask for advice and support in a difficult moment and to share everyday little things, creates a sense of belonging. You realize that you are valued not because you promised to become a different person in a year, but because you are already doing enough.
  • Focus on what makes you happy. Think about what you enjoy doing. Read books, do sports, Doing things that bring you joy will make you feel more confident and stop dwelling on negativity and failures.
  • Give up illusions. You cannot control other people, and always keep your finger on the pulse of events. Not everything depends on you. Expectations inevitably lead to disappointment.

Postponing life “for later” is always regretting for lost time and opportunities, which leads to disappointment. Ask yourself, “Why can’t I do this now?” An honest dialogue with yourself and an analysis of what you are gaining and losing. Contact specialists if you do not know how to deal with delayed life syndrome.

Charitable organization

Charitable organization

Psychological help Parimatch Foundation in 2019. It is an international charitable foundation, the purpose of which is to implement the strategy of corporate social responsibility and improve the health and well-being of society.

If you are concerned about how to deal with delayed life syndrome, then Parimatch Foundation psychological help is just for you. Delayed life syndrome is a very urgent problem during wartime. Then, it touched millions, and now people do not know how to live on or help themselves and their loved ones.

Delayed life syndrome

As a rule, delayed life syndrome consists of three stages:

  • Expectations are meaningless on gray weekdays;
  • Achievement is an event after which everything will radically change;
  • The reward is the idea of ​​an ideal life.

Delayed life syndrome

The insidiousness of the syndrome is that there are no clear goals, deadlines, and action plans, only seductive rosy dreams. Postponing life for “later” leads to dissatisfaction and greatly spoils the present. Destroys the desire to be happy and leads to apathy, melancholy, or irritability.

If you are asking how to deal with delayed life syndrome, then use delayed life syndrome tips. If you cannot cope independently, do not hesitate to contact psychologists. Their work during the war is very important, simply necessary.


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