How to Register as a Dentist in the UK?

How to register as a Dentist in the UK

Who is called a Dentist?

Who is a dentist

A dentist in other ways is called a “Dental surgeon”. He is a medical professional who specializes in Dentistry. Dentists diagnose, treat and prevent the diseases and harmful conditions that occur in the oral region. Dentists and their teams help in serving the oral health care sector. A professional dentist must complete a minimum of 8 years of dental studies and must be holding a degree of DMD ( Doctor of Dental Medicine ) or DDS ( Doctor of Dental surgery). This blog is to provide a complete guide about how to register as a Dentist in the UK.


It is the study of diagnosing and treating or preventing diseases and disorders of the mouth, gums, jaw, and teeth. And can be said as a complete oral health care specialist as Dentist.

How important are dentists in society?

How important the dentists are

We have a wide range of medical fields with efficient experts to avail the needs of the patient. Each field has its importance and nothing is less in comparison, as it has its own impact and especially surgeons and clinical physicians are mandatory to serve the patients. Dentists are needed for helping us have a beautiful smile on our faces by helping us and guiding us to maintain oral health.

How to register as a dentist in the UK?

The person to register as a DCP- Dental care professional who has pursued a BDS (Bachelor of Surgery) degree from overseas.

Registration criteria

Registration criteria for a dentist

  • Only If the person didn’t register to GDC earlier.
  • If the person is pursuing a dental qualification from overseas ( not EU).

STEP 1 – To Request an Assessment application from GDC

  • The Initial thing that you need to do is to request the proforma from GDC.
  • You have to request this from the GDC website. Select the “ROUTE TO REGISTER “. And pay attention to completing the questionnaire regarding the route to registration.
  • Once you complete the proforma you can submit it.
  • The information that has been submitted by you is reviewed by GDC and you will receive a notification through the given email of the appropriate form and guidance that you have to submit in order to apply for registration with GDC.
  • GDC informs us of allowing 10 working days to assess the details and send their assessment application pack through the return mail. Even if it says 10 working days then you can send it in 1-2 working days.
  • You need to thoroughly read the GDC’s official FAQ for frequently asked questions on the assessment procedure.

STEP 2 – Fill different forms

You will be receiving 4-5 items attached together with the email from the DCP

  • Assessment group at GDC.
  • Learning Outcomes Form: The huge challenge that you face in this step is the learning outcomes form. It must require your complete University syllabus or curriculum to complete this form. This form especially is more detailed and requires you to be careful in ensuring the learning outcomes for the therapist or hygienist are filled properly. Then you need to make sure that there are no gaps in the qualification and all training plus CPD are also pursued to overcome any of these gaps in your desired course ( NOTE – If you hadn’t filled this application form carefully most likely GDC will reject your application).
  • If you are struggling with this process of completing the application form, understand and get guidance before doing it.
  • DCP Assessment Form: secondly you need to fill the application form which itself is called as DCP assessment form. It contains more than 20 pages, but it is considered the easier one than the prior form. this requests for personal details.
  • Certificate of Good Standing Form: this is the form that is needed to be completed by the Dental council or Medical council where you have registered as a Dentist.
  • Professional Reference Form: The form that is needed to be completed by the past or current employee related to the dental profession.

STEP 3 – Documents have to be sent with my application

  • This step deals with the documents that are required to be sent to (GDC) GENERAL DENTAL COUNCIL.
  • A completed application form ( which includes the character referring form ).
  • A finalized Learning outcomes form.
  • A certified copy of your pursued BDS or Dental Qualification Certificate.
  • A certified copy of your curriculum or syllabus sheet from the college or university.
  • A certified copy of the marks list or sheets of your course.
  • The certificates are evidence of the relevant training course and CPD.
  • You must provide evidence that you really got the standard of English language which is necessary for the registration.
  • You need to submit some of the references which are from the employers stating your experience and knowledge as a DCP ( Dental Care Professionals ).
  • Evidence for any relevant qualification for post-graduation (if applicable only).
  • A certified copy of your passport has all the details like Photograph, Personal details, Expiry date clearly (must be valid ).
  • A passport-sized photograph is signed at the back by the character reference.
  • A certificate for the current professional standings.
  • A certified copy of the document of changing your name ( If you are married ).
  • Translations for the documents which have not been issued in English.
  • A single photocopy of your complete application.

STEP 4 – The time period that GDP takes for registration

When the application is received by the General Dental Council (GDC) the following process is carried out:

  • GDC contacts through the confirmation mail by letting you know that your application is received within five days.
  • GDC will be checking the application form and documents within 4 weeks after reception of the application pack.
  • GDC contacts if there is any problem regarding your application ( if incomplete ).
  • If everything is proper as required GDC forwards you an application to the next assessment panel ( complete information is checked ). Once the assessment panel gives its assessment GDC will be informing you about their decision regarding your application ( written and you will
  • receive it through the post ).
  • GDC has a maximum of four months from the reception of the complete application till informing their decision.


It is an offense to use the title as DCP ( Dental care professional ) without being registered with GDC under section 39 of the Dentists Act 1984. So by following and understanding the above-given instructions the registration into GDP can be done and kindly remember to provide all genuine and real information to avoid conflicts. Thus the above information will give you an idea about how to register as a dentist in the UK, please comment below if the blog is useful and follow up with E-Business Blog.


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