The Top 11 Instagram Stories Trends in 2023

The Top 11 Instagram Stories Trends in 2023

Do you know how to stand out on Instagram? Reels, new targeted advertising features, and innovative funnels help you attract new audiences to your profile relatively inexpensively. But what’s the point if people are interested in something other than following your account?

Let’s talk about both visual trends and the content itself. In this article, an essay writer from essay writer service talks about 11 trending tools and principles to make your Instagram stories more interesting.

The Top 11 Instagram Stories Trends in 2023

1. Instagram’s inbuilt fonts and basic features

External image and video editors for creating Stories have been popular for several years. Third-party apps helped make content personalized and unique.

Instagram's inbuilt fonts and basic features But in 2023, the trend is going back to inbuilt app features. When everyone is using editors, it’s the only way to stand out. “Spin” the app’s visual elements and find your style using the default features.

2. Minimalism

Complex collages, your signature style, super editing, stop-motion, and even 3D graphics in Stories are relaxed. But the truth is that minimalist stories with white font on a black background are “going in” just as well. If you’re regularly cramming your publications with super effects, it’s getting harder and harder to surprise your audience every day. But imagine what WOW-effect you will cause with fantastic visual elements if your primary style is minimalism. Take a closer look at this trend. You shouldn’t change your style abruptly, but a smooth transition is possible.

3. Dark Stories

No blackness. It’s all about visuals. For a long time, the iPhone 5 camera was enough for Instagram. The audience customarily perceived a lower quality of visuals. Over time, bloggers and opinion leaders started working more on quality. Professional shooters, videographers, and strong editors brought publications on the social network to a new level. But content is evolving. For example, high quality remains relevant, and we’ll unlikely go back to 480p pixelated photos. But the subtleties change every year. For instance, in 2023, darker shades are suitable. This applies to Stories and posts in the feed as well.

4. Cartooning and Flat

What do you do if you need to convey information to your subscribers visually? Stock photos were left somewhere in 2013. This year, flat pictures are becoming popular. This is more relevant for business accounts.

5. Retro filters

Final visual trend. AR masks have passed the peak of popularity (at least for now), and the advantage has gone to filters again. Retro styling is in high demand. Use it if it’s relevant to your profile.

6. Storytelling through Stories

Storytelling through StoriesLearn how to tell stories. Once you’ve honed this skill, you’ll be able to turn every situation in your life into an exciting account for subscribers. “But storytelling has been trending for a long time.” True! But there’s a nuance.

Previously, you might have seen a series of long-form posts on Instagram where “part in the description, continued in the carousel.” Now, storytelling has migrated to Stories. Because it’s trivially more convenient for you and your audience, each Stories is like a separate TV show episode. Keep the viewer’s attention focused and make the stories even more enjoyable by dividing content into smaller chunks. Add a selection to topical so subscribers can quickly access your storytelling.

7. Text instead of a “talking head.”

Continuing on the topic of storytelling, note that text-based Stories are increasingly being used for this format. In the early days, people posted videos. Then, videos with subtitles (because many people watch without sound). Now, the trend is going to text WITHOUT video. And the results show that engagement is only increasing. Because 2-4 correctly written filler sentences are perceived easier than 15 (and already more) seconds of “talking head.”

8. More Lifestyle

Show your life. Yes, everyone has been talking about this for years. But this year, Lifestyle is still trending content. Why? Because this format can’t get boring. Every person has a unique life. If you properly package Lifestyle into a story format, you generate a never-ending, special series. And the more attractive you make it, the better you engage your audience and the more effective you are at attracting new ones. Get your audience to know you.

9. Stories-detox

A trend that has the potential to become a favorite for you. It’s about the “blogger’s day off.” Pick a day of the week when you won’t post anything on Stories. And explicitly state this to your subscribers. This gives you a chance to “reboot” and rest. This is how you avoid burnout. Think about how you can use this to increase engagement.

Stories-detox For example, plan something exciting for you and your audience each weekend. Announce before the weekend. And talk about how you spent the day after the summer holiday. This way, you motivate subscribers to wait for your return.

10. Values are more valuable than expertise

No one doubts your professionalism nowadays. At least because the competition is growing, and there are more cool experts on social networks every day. That’s why clients choose not by expertise but by values. This is a different level. If there were one good psychologist in the world – he would take the whole market. But there are many good psychologists. And people choose the expert who is more suited to their values. Think about how to properly “dilute” the content in the stories. Of course, expert content cannot be cancelled. But its share in 2023 will decrease significantly.

11. Life and business processes

The era of “results” is gone. The age of processes has arrived. We are talking about any method of activity. For example, you could see beautiful dishes in bloggers’ stories earlier. Now it’s the process of cooking them. Earlier, business pages published finished goods, the packaging process, dispatch, etc. Companies providing services are used to show the results of the service. Now – its provision. At the same time, the result is also published. There is no way without it. But more often, such content is posted in the feed. In Stories – the process.


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