Top 20 Most Wanted Trading Jobs in the UK

Top 20 Most Wanted Trading Jobs in the UK

The UK is one country that has some of the highest employment rates across the world. The UK jobs market is more likely to have some jobs that are more in demand than others. A trader’s job is the one that is the most in-demand in the UK for finding a job. A trader’s job is one that is considered an expert in trading in the UK. For making money in the market, a trader’s job takes on more importance than any other trade-related job. Trading jobs are always in demand for finding a place of work or offer for work. The reason for this is that they consider traders experts at their trade, so they often get paid well for their expertise and skills.

Trading has been around for a very long time in the UK. Over the past few years, many people have been looking for a job as a trader, but many of them don’t really know what they are doing. It is a hard job, with a lot of responsibility. Now, the UK has become the regulatory center of the bitcoin trading industry. London has become the most popular place to do small business.

IT companies like IBM, Accenture, Intuit, Microsoft, and Deloitte, etc., have their offices there. The job offers are high for fresh graduates and experienced people. Because of excessive competition, companies are also offering above-average pay packages. There are many universities in the UK offering courses for trading. If you are planning to start trading, Bitcoin Circuit is one of the best platforms.

Highest Paid Trading Job Profiles In The UK

Highest Paid Trading Job Profiles in the UKIt’s a list of the top 20 careers and jobs that companies offer, including some very high-paying roles, such as a Director of Compliance and a Head of Legal for Britain’s largest bank.

  1. Senior Fixed Income Trader- £323,452 ($180,000)
  2. Investment Banker- £212,796 ($130,000
  3. Asset Manager- £196,380 ($120,000)
  4. Hedge Fund Trader- £176.816 ($110,000)
  5. Executive Director of Risk Management and Compliance (insurance)- £170378 ($102128)
  6. Economist and Financial Market Analyst (level 8)- £77951 ($117706).
  7. Director of Equity Sales (level 9)- £76821 ($113678)
  8. Head of Fixed Income- £76821 ($113678)
  9. Technical Consultant – Senior- £73903 ($113146).
  10. Operations Manager – Senior- £71951 ($102686).
  11. Director of Sales (level 8)- £71828 ($103604)
  12. Senior Bank Dealer (Fixed Income)- £70750 ($102104)
  13. HR Manager/Director – Senior- £69656 ($99118).
  14. Director of Market Operations- £67248 ($95364)
  15. Head of Fund Allocation- £66380 ($94696)
  16. Fixed Income Manager (Level 7)- £65200 ($93274).
  17. Fund Manager (Level 8)- £64400 ($92702)
  18. Senior Risk Analyst- £63500 ($91920)
  19. Trading Risk Analyst – Senior- £63100 ($90446).
  20. Operations Quants

Figures vary depending on roles, typically between £44341 and £591220 per year, depending on the firm’s view of the importance of the role. You would also need to factor in bonuses, benefits, training and development packages, etc.

Until recently, profitable trading jobs were very suitable for all educational backgrounds, however, this is no longer the case. While the percentage of university graduates in the UK has increased over the past decade, it has now reached its highest point at 16%. The majority (76%) of trading jobs are now taken by university graduates.

Many jobs that are currently advertised online are multilingual and require candidates to have a degree in languages other than English or French. The languages that apply within jobs must be compatible with one another for copying to function correctly.

Some of the other most important careers in the UK are:

  1. Commercial Banker
  2. Stock Broker
  3. Stock Trader
  4. Market Research Manager
  5. Sales Director
  6. Marketing Manager
  7. Product Manager
  8. Portfolio Manager
  9. Options Trading Specialist

In these jobs in the UK, a stock trader and stockbroker both earn an average yearly salary of £59122- £73902.50 per annum. The salaries for careers like these may increase if you take up positions that require certain skills or qualifications.

How To Get A Job In The Trading Industry In The UK?

How to get a job in the Trading IndustryThere are several ways in which you can find a job in the trading industry. Some of them are:

  • Look for vacancies on websites such as Seek and Career Builder.
  • Talk to your university careers adviser and ask them about opportunities available.
  • Contact your university alumni or graduate Facebook group and ask if anyone is aware of any opportunities.
  • If you’re looking for a job but you’re not sure where to start, just go to an employer’s office and ask them about the opportunities they have available.
  • Keep your eyes out online. You can often find information about new vacancies on websites such as LinkedIn.
  • You can attend careers events to see what companies are recruiting, talk to people at networking events, and/or find them on social media.

Companies That Offer The Most Wanted Trading Jobs In The UK

Most Wanted Trading Jobs in the UKThe UK is a trading country and the trading society is the largest employer in the United Kingdom. These highest-paid, most wanted trading jobs in the UK offered by the largest organizations vary from year to year, but it’s a population that has been thriving. The UK’s population of trading people is one of the largest in Europe and they expect it to keep growing.

Some of the top companies that offer high-paying jobs to employ in the trading industry in the UK are:

  1. Barclays PLC
  2. BlackRock Inc.
  3. Citigroup Inc.
  4. HSBC Holdings PLC
  5. JPMorgan Chase & Co
  6. Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs Group, LLC (GS)
  7. Deutsche Bank AG
  8. Net Wealth Management Citi Private Bank
  9. Company Limited by Guarantee Allied Irish Banks (UK)
  10. Allied Irish Banks (UK)
  11. UBS AG
  12. Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc
  13. Bank of America Corporation
  14. Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC
  15. John Lewis Partnership
  16. Marks & Spencer Group
  17. Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC.
  18. Credit Suisse Group
  19. Aviva PLC
  20. Goldman Sachs Group (UK) Ltd.


Trading is a distinguished career for those who want a hands-on approach to a job. The interest in this field has been going up year after year, so jump on this opportunity while it’s still growing. Trading jobs in the UK can be high paying and with the right knowledge, you can start a career in one of the most exciting industries in the world.


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