5 Major Types of Financial Risks Companies Face Today

types of financial risks

Financial risks have always been a major part of a business that simply cannot be avoided. If you are new to the world of business, the first thought that comes to your mind is always about saving money from unfavourable circumstances. This is why you, as well as other businesspeople often prefer having financial experts who would be providing your business with top solutions. Since good risk management is an integral part of running a business, you must have an expert on board. Other factors that accompany financial risk as threats to any business are strategic risk, operational risk, and compliance and regulatory risk.

Executive finance online courses have been extremely helpful for business people who are wishing to succeed. These courses can help you deal with financial risks, having experts with field experience to train you for various potential problems in your business. Since financial risk is the biggest risk factor in any business, such courses focus more on that which eventually makes it a solution where everyone benefits.

Importance of Proper Knowledge of Financial Risk

Whenever a business fails in handling its finance, a financial risk takes place. There are numerous examples of financial risks keeping the business perspective – delay in goods delivery, lack of information needed for decision making, ship inventory failure, defaulting on loans, inadequate cash flow management, ineffective management, customers’ failure to pay for purchases, market transactions or investments with increased vulnerability.

An executive finance online course is the kind of course that can provide you with information and knowledge of all aspects of financial risks. This can then be helpful for you to make a great strategy for the safety of your business. Such courses also help you gather a handful of insights for the betterment of your business keeping all kinds of financial risks in mind.

Major Types of Financial Risks

Online finance courses say that knowing the types can help you prepare yourself and your business for any potential risk. You can accordingly make strategies for keeping your business safe.

The types of financial risk that your company may face in the future include:

1. Operational Risk

Operational risk is also considered a type of financial risk. This type of financial risk originates from the daily activities of a company. Many types of operational risks happen in a company which you can relate quickly – corruption, personnel issues, crime, fraud.

types of financial risks - Operational Risk Mismanagement, absence, or inadequate control within your company, employee training, technological delinquencies, and human errors can be the reasons behind giving birth to operational risks in your company. Courses in executive finance always teach you to handle operational risks in your company.

2. Liquidity Risk

Liquidity is one of the most important things in a business which can also be considered a major part of financial risk management. To avoid this kind of financial risk in your company, you should ensure that there is enough cash flow for laying off the debts of your company. If your company fails to meet its commitment at any point, it would lead to generating liquidity risk.

Liquidity risk happens due to inadequate, poor cash flow management. You can also classify liquidity risks as funding liquidity risk and asset liquidity risk. Liquidity risks are usually very intense and can result in the complete closure of your business. There are many finance short courses online that can help you learn a lot of liquidity risks within a shorter period.

3. Market Risk

One of the most important types of financial risks is market risk. Big or small business, every business must deal with the market no matter how difficult it is. The market carries the dynamics of demand and supply which eventually makes it a vast area of being a risk as well. Unfavourable conditions in a specific marketplace can give birth to market risks.

Market RiskA company can then face severe problems and eventually can get severely affected. Market risks can also be considered a risk of getting evaded by a competitor. Economic uncertainties can result in causing this type of risk. Any executive finance programme can help you deal with market risks. They can prepare you well for any potential problems arising from the market.

4. Credit Risk

Credit risk is simply referred to as the possibility wherein the lending institution receives the loan credit after the due date or does not receive the payment of the loan at all. The debtor’s capability is very responsible for causing this type of risk. A debtor must follow and fulfil all loan payment obligations till he/she relates to a creditor. Extending credit facilities for its customers can lead to generating credit risk.

When a company is financing the payment of a customer, it stays at risk of thinking that the customer would back out on a payment or delay in making one or more payments. This can be extremely dangerous for your company. Executive programmes can make you learn a lot more than your reach to deal with credit risks efficiently.

5. Third-Party Risk

Third-Party Risk

Third-party risks are the most common issues in an organisation. Third-party people are usually connected with your organisation to ensure the proper supply of items is happening perfectly. Amidst this, they show dishonesty which leads to several corruption issues in your company. Finance programmes here can provide you with insights for dealing with third-party risks in the future. These are short programmes but remarkably effective in imparting the skills required to succeed in the role of a financial executive.


Since financial risks are almost permanent in your business life, you cannot avoid them as business owner. But you can manage them for sure. You can effectively plan to stop their effects whenever they appear in the scenario. You must implement a proper financial risk management plan in place to burn all potential financial risks down.

It can help you create a clear pathway that would eventually lead to avoiding cash loss. Join any executive programme in finance to know everything about managing financial risks. Since these programmes are relatively shorter, you will not be spending much of your valuable time there while gaining as much knowledge as you can.

Overcoming financial risks is a big challenge for any business. Since you are running a business, you are responsible for a lot of important tasks to execute properly. An executive finance online course is required to do so. These courses have resulted in being beneficial for a lot of people from different industries.


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