5 Ways to Apply Audience Insights

5 Ways to Apply Audience Insights

According to one statistic shared by the marketing guru Neil Patel, just 41% of marketing executives are factoring in customer engagement data when either putting together or adjusting a marketing strategy. However, it is arguably an injustice that this percentage is not much higher.

That’s because, when you unearth a wealth of useful data about your target customers, you can help yourself to cater for their needs and preferences much more easily. Detailed below are five especially effective methods of applying audience insights.

5 ways to apply audience insights 

1. Look for gaps in the market 

What are consumers saying about products and services offered by companies competing with your own? You can get a detailed answer to that question by using an audience insights tool, like one that would let you familiarise yourself with comments made on various social media sites.

5 Ways to Apply Audience Insights - Look for gaps in the marketIf you notice a growing consensus about what is wrong with certain offerings already on the market, you could add offerings of your own to it that address this concern.

2. Improve the customer journey 

Of course, your relationship with a customer doesn’t start and end with them just buying from you — much like a romantic relationship doesn’t start and end just with a wedding.

Audience insights can help you to boost customer satisfaction and enhance the customer journey from awareness right through to purchase and advocacy. Consider how Wayfair introduced an app allowing users to take photos of items they like, enabling this online home goods retailer to offer recommendations.

The data Wayfair gathered via this app gave the company “a 50% increase in customer retention the year the app came out”, Trustpilot points out.

3. Personalise your marketing 

You could go for the ‘mass marketing’ approach — involving touching on issues generally common across an entire market — or a personalised marketing strategy.

With the latter, you can tailor promotional messages to different segments of your target audience. However, in order for you to pursue this strategy to a high standard, it would be ideal if you have in-depth insights about these segments.

Personalise your marketingThese could help if you are bringing out a new product and eager to market it specifically to those members of your target audience who would be most inclined to buy it.

4. Add more specifics to your buyer personas 

When developing buyer personas, you might be mistakenly using such generic demographics as age, profession, and location. However, such information can leave these personas too vague to inspire promotional messages that would make a genuine emotional impact on your audience.

Thankfully, keywords used in search queries that lead people to your website can also be assigned to different buyer personas, providing them with greater depth.

5. Improve the quality of your website  

Using tools like Google Analytics, you can figure out how much time people are spending on particular pages of your website. You can also look at the bounce rate for these pages.

Improve the quality of your websiteThat way, you can figure out whether the website is responsive or not and which pages are working and which ones aren’t. This information can subsequently help you to bolster those pages that appear to be falling behind.



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